Watch My Sister Tipper Newton on EVERY TV Show!!!

I am so excited, my fraternal twin sister, Tipper is taking Hollywood by storm.

EVERY week she is going to be on a television show.

EVERY week I find out that she’s on a new show! I turn on the tv and bam there she is!!!

Catch Tipper on The Mindy Project available NOW on HULU.

TIPPY copy

Tipper portrays Karen, a young lesbian receptionist who literally comes out of the closet on the show!  She also showcases her rad musical skills, plays the ukulele and sings.  Watch her have a special emotional moment on this last weeks episode!

TP copyOn Love Season two episode two, on NETFLIX NOW! Tipper plays a midwestern girl at a bar who stands up for women’s rights and tells this guy off. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you.  She would cut a bitch if she had to.

So excited for Tipper!  Get ready for her appearance on The Guest Book on TBS this fall!

HBO Documentaries Presents Risky Drinking, premiering December 19th

About three years ago I was riding on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard and I struck up a conversation with a woman who was in pre-production for a documentary about addiction. We exchanged information and kept in sporadic touch and tonight I was thrilled to get an invite to the completed project!

A HUGE congrats to Ellen Goosenburg Kent (the woman I met on the ferry) and Perri Peltz and everyone else involved in this moving documentary.