Staying in Shape for the Holidays…

It’s a struggle over the holidays…mainly because I want to eat everything I see. Especially side dishes. Forget the Turkey, Tofurkey, or whatever else is there. I’m all about the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and bread with lots of butter.
I’ve mentally and physically prepared for the holidays.

I want to give my friend Rania a special shout out. She’s working with Beachbody and it has changed her life. She looks amazing and feels amazing.

I’ve tried Beachbody programs and products before and listen people, they totally WORK!

Their best product, in my opinion, is Shakeology. It’s the ONLY “shake” product I’ve ever tried that’s tasted more like a dessert, than a “Healthy” gross tasting product.

You can also make desserts with Shakeology! Seriously…I may make a chocolate pie with mine in a pre-made crust. I just have to limit myself to one piece…or maybe two…. 😉

To check out what Rania’s up to, and to experience the magic of Shakeology-click here.

It’s Finally (almost) Here!!! My book, “Your Place or Mine”!

You can pre-order the kindle, e-book, smartphone device edition, etc of my upcoming book NOW!

Just click on the cover below to be directed to Amazon! If you order NOW it will magically be teleported to your device on New Years Eve!! How exciting is that?


Slick cover design by Martin Magnuson.  A very special thanks to James Fitzgerald of The Fitzgerald Agency for inspiring, motivating and putting up with me.

Of course a thank you to my talented husband, Eric Miclette, who just completed the fundraising for the Andreja Pejic Documentary.

Many, many, MANY more thanks are due and are coming soon! YPOM

Choose to be drama free…

I’ve been running around like crazy for the past five days.  I have a second to breathe, and wanted to just jot a few things down.

I truly do not wish anyone I personally know ill will, harm, illness, etc…I want everybody in life to succeed and be happy.  No one has it easier than anyone else, you may think the grass is greener on the other side, but everyone has their struggles.

It takes more energy to hate than to love.  It takes more muscles in the face to work if you choose on scowling, rather than smiling.

Sometimes you won’t get closure on friendships that have evaporated, and you probably won’t want to hear what your part was in that happening.

It’s all a two way street, you can do your best to make amends-but when it becomes painfully obvious that you’re the only one doing, the doing-you need to do yourself a favor and step away.

And just because you decide to make amends, or apologize to someone, does not mean they will accept them.

Okay, my random list of the day…carry on.

Suzanne Somers’ 3 Way Poncho…

There is nothing magical about The Suzanne Somers poncho.  Nothing.  Except for the marketing. I literally stopped, laughed, took a picture of it, posted it on Instagram, and then impulsively bought it.

Do you like soft cotton t-shirts that are flowy and make you feel good about yourself on a fat day?  It was $20, you can wear it three ways, but you can NOT wear it as a “hoodie” unless you’re under 5’0.

I felt a little self-concious wearing it, I kept wondering if people knew it was The Suzanne Somers poncho.  No one did.  It looks like any shirt you can buy at the Gap or Old Navy.