Want to see some fun photos of my Gingigvectomy/gum lift? Well now you can! (no blood or gore involved)

A few weeks ago, I saw my favorite periodontist, Dr. Nicolas Toscano.  This man does it all.

When he suggested a Gingivectomy I was a little freaked out.  He told me I would love it.  After seeing his work, and portfolio, I was sold.

I went in for the procedure, it took less than an hour, and although some cannot notice the difference, I can and I LOVE it!

Top is before, bottom is after:

photo He lifted the gum on the left tooth.  Minimal down time and the only thing that hurt were the tiny little numbing injections, but there weren’t even THAT bad.  What we do for beauty, and an amazing smile!

I have no shame in showing “surgery” pictures.  I do look a little beat up, but was back to normal in no time! photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

You’ll be in good company with him-just look at the smiles he’s helped curate!



Adieu to Social Media…well some of it…

Facebook is the devil.  Yes, it’s been a great way to reconnect with people, but sometimes it can get to be a little too much.  Yes, I’ve posted about this before, I took a break, then I went back to it, a cesspool of fun and gossip, and something that’s so easy to get lost in and caught up in, and everyone seems to be doing “awesome” on Facebook.  We’re all guilty of that.  You want to put the best version of yourself on the internet.  It’s exhausting.  We all have good days and bad days and that’s okay.

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