My thoughts on the ALS Ice Water Bucket Challenge…

10540913_10152155959006367_8152813560963023911_nI’m really hoping everyone is donating AND making an ice bucket challenge video…but if you have to pick one, DONATE money.

My husband was misdiagnosed with ALS several years ago, before we met.  He was told he had a year to live.  That’s serious stuff. Thankfully it was a misdiagnoses…but for the time he spent thinking he had it, was agonizing.  Your body shuts down leaving you paralyzed, eventually not being able to breathe.  Cancer can be curable, ALS, cannot.

So think about that and donate instead of dumping ice cold water on yourself…or do both for the fun of it.  We’re both really glad it’s getting attention.



My Latest on the New York Observer…

Wall Street’s Toned Down Style

Why financiers feel the fashion pinch

By Randi Newton | 08/19/14 10:18am

For many years, brokerage firm executive Robert Kay suited up, Wolf of Wall Street-style in brightly colored, white collared shirts, an OTT statement watch and a vivid tie. Going even further back in time, Mr. Kay’s favorite icon was Gordon Gekko, portrayed by Michael Douglas in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. The Gekko look became the style blueprint for high-powered hedgefunders, bankers and brokers before the financial Big Bang of 2008. A gaze down Wall Street at lunchtime back in the naughties revealed a vision of snappy tailoring and shiny fabrics dotted amongst the grey and navy suits. Now the scene is all single-breasted, two-buttoned gray and navy.

“If you see the sequel to the film, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, that’s a pretty good indicator of what’s going on,” Mr. Kay told the Observer, his once-daring look of perhaps a purple and lilac striped shirt with matching tie, worn beneath a pale gray three-piece in pure silk, laid to rest. Mr. Kay traded in his colorful pinstripes and jaunty cuts for a more subdued, but refined way of dressing.

“Dressing down is now the way to move up in finance,” he added. Newcomers into the money industries with even the slightest hint of flamboyant taste are being encouraged to tone down their attire. Veterans such as Mr. Kay are still adapting. They are recognizing that a muted, top-quality fabric, dark gray suit serves far better than shiny waistcoats and fat statement watches peeping out from sparkling cuff-linked cuffs.

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Passing on this beautiful status update…

My dear husband wrote this status update after Robin Williams passed away.  So beautifully written, I’m sharing it with you:



Then another friend, put up this quote from Robin Williams about addiction:


Yeah, addiction is a BITCH.  Depression is horrific.  I’ve dealt with both.  I once said to a doctor, “I wish depression was like a broken arm.  You know it’s going to be broken for awhile, then it heals.”

Not everything works that way.

I never met Robin Williams.  I saw him in person at FAO Schwartz with his kids about 20 years ago.  He was just doing what any normal dad would be doing with their kids at a toy store, spending time with them.  He has these magical eyes that were filled with electricity.  Maybe we made eye contact for a split second, that was that, and I thought it was cool.

I don’t have any personal stories about doing improv with him, or even having a conversation with him…I guess what I’m trying to say, that recovery is an ongoing process regarding addiction and depression.  You DO think you’re fine, then the next thing you know it’s maybe not.










Everything is Peachy….! American Apparels’ Summer Peach Nail Lacquer!

Yes…this is a frivolous beauty post.  A special shout out to my friend Jenawa for introducing me to this nice color that gives “Fiji” by Essie a run for it’s money.  It’s also nice to try something new.

American Apparels Summer Peach!


(photo from Pushing Polish, no, not my nails)

IMG_2479Like I said a frivolous post, but who doesn’t want fab nails?


More to come.