Bath and Body Works “Fragrances” and how they make me feel…

Smelling something can bring back all kinds of memories.  Sometimes, these memories aren’t the greatest.  Today that smell was a bottle of “Warm Vanilla Sugar” body fragrance from Bath and Body Works.


A. I can’t believe they still make that stuff.

B. I have a lot of bad feelings associated with “body splashes” that were manufactured by Bath and Body Works.  I wore these light fragrant sprays in my mid to late 20’s, and used them to mask the scent of puke while working a long shift at work.  These light fragrances do NOT last for long.  Men love them because it’s not a scent that rubs off on them, but it simply evaporates in the air, then you smell like vomit again and just keep spraying it.

C. I love the Bigelow line at Bath and Body Works, and some of your other products.  I do not mean to say anything bad about Bath and Body Works-your scents are FINE…I just don’t like the following that I have listed below.

D. Whenever I smell Freesia, Plumeria, Cotton Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar, and any of the limited edition holiday scents-the Christmas ones mainly-I just retreat into a dark, sad place.

Look at this “quartet” of despair I found online…just looking at the picture makes me feel un-easy.

Bath & Body1


I had an ex who really liked Cotton Blossom.  He bought me several bottles of the body cream, then I remember once right after some kind of silly argument I put some on.  From that moment on I forever swore I’d never use it again.

And I have not.

Then there’s Love Spell, by Victoria’s Secret.

nd.7988Men LOVE this “Fragrance Mist”…in fact, whenever someone around me has it on, I perk up, then I realize what it is that they’re wearing and immediately have mixed feelings.  Maybe because it does remind me a bit of Hawaiian Punch, and I always enjoyed drinking that growing up.

Lately I’ve been wearing Coconut Lime Breeze by Bath and Body Works.

pBBW1-11887014v600I like the simplicity of the bottle design.  No I do not own a bottle, I just borrow it constantly from a friend whenever I happen to be at her house.

I must say that I’ve graduated to Demeter Fragrances.  I love their Pina Colada.



I never actually liked the BEVERAGE of the same name, but this fun and fruity summery scent gets more compliments over any of the Body Splash/Fragrances that I’ve ever worn before.



Weird Things I Found on eBay Today. (NSFW)

It’s amazing how you can go on eBay to look for something like a simple scarf or sweater and then quickly spiral down into a rabbit hole of some truly bizarre things. If this post is well received, perhaps I will make this a weekly series and share my odd findings on eBay…there are oh so many, but I have included only three because they are just overwhelming to me, and probably will be for you too.

Never buy tampons AGAIN.

Why would you want to?  Especially when this seller has crocheted a reusable tampon just for you!


It looks like it can also be used as a pot holder for cooking between periods. I know $15.70 may seem a little steep for ONE homemade tampon, but think of it this way.  It is a tampon you can use over and over and over again.

I will not be purchasing this item.  Although props to the creator of it.  Go girl power!


Okay…Charlie Banana brand reusable feminine pads. I could see this being a little more doable than the crocheted tampon option.  I’m more intrigued by the brand name “Charlie Banana”…again, an item I will not be purchasing, but go creativity.  Good marketing strategy with the brand name!

Did you love “The Conjuring”?  Well, you too can have a haunted doll of your own…but not just ONE haunted doll, a lot of CLOWN haunted dolls!  What could possibly be scarier than a haunted doll that happens to be a clown doll…I really can’t think of anything else really!

dollYou also get a carriage and a chair with the dolls, and some very specific instructions:


Wow.  I’m just wondering how the dolls will feel when they’re being shipped…Also, why is the owner getting rid of them?  That’s a red flag.

These are my eBay finds of today.  Now I’m going back to the site and trying to remember what it was that I was actually looking for to begin with.


Latest Article in The New York Observer NYO….

Never Feel Bad About Your Neck Again. Ever.

Or Your Hands, Underarms, or Eyelashes. These Beauty Treatments Will Make You the Fairest of Them All…

Looking GoodGrowing up I was so deathly afraid of needles that I refused to even get my ears pierced. Then something happened that changed everything.

I got the “elevens.”

Those two little marks between one’s eyes, technically known as Glabellar lines, changed my outlook on how much pain I’d endure for beauty. People started asking me, “Are you tired?” and “Is something bothering you? You look mad.” Every time I would hear these comments, I would scrunch my face in dismay, so those lines only became deeper and more prominent.


Interview with Farah Abraham…!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing former “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham at the opening of Vivid Cabaret in Los Angeles for…read more below!

Interview: Farrah Abraham Tells Us About Her Sex Tape, Biggest Fans & Future Plans

Farrah Abraham interview with The Gloss

Credit: Ryan/

Farrah Abraham, former Teen Mom, and known as “YOUR GO TO PUBLIC FIGURE…” on her personal website, took the time out of her crazy schedule to speak with us at the opening of Vivid Cabaret in Los Angeles. Miss Abraham had a very busy summer, appearing on Dr. Phil, spending time with little Sophia, and attending nightclub openings.

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Stagnant in creativity…

It’s fall.




This is all I have to post for now.  A million things are happening all at once, and yet I kind of have to sit and wait for them to materialize.

Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination…why must the journey seem to be kind of long winded at times.

I now must hunker down and focus on specific projects to make sure they get done in a timely fashion and in the right way.  I’ll be back and forth.  Best to keep up with me on Twitter, as I will most likely update there.

But life is un-predictable so you never know…you can check back here as well.

Thank You All! Uncle Tim has been located!


Thanks again to everyone for helping locate my Uncle Tim!  I really cannot thank you all enough.

It’s really amazing to see people come together and be so amazingly supportive.  I appreciate the messages and I look forward to meeting those of you who reached out and kept me and my family updated.

It’s really horribly scary when someone you love goes missing.  There’s only so much you can do.  It involves a lot of waiting, and it’s not fun.  It’s a feeling that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through.

Yes, this may sound horrifically cliche, but tell your friends and family you love them.  You can never do that enough.

I’ll post more soon, for now, I’m so very glad Tim has been found.

Love to all.