The All or Nothing Diet…

So the big day is in about two weeks and I’m moderately stressed, or maybe more stressed than I’ve realized.

I am especially tired today and a bit sad.  I blame this on a new diet program I’ve created.  I like to call it the “All or Nothing” diet.

Keep in mind, I am an expert about many things…but I am NOT a health expert.  Don’t get me wrong, I lead a healthy lifestyle in many ways-I don’t smoke, drink alcohol, do drugs, etc…yes, I have a problem with drinking too much sugar free Red Bull, but even vanity has curbed my interest in that recently.

Basically what I’m saying is that the diet I am partaking in, isn’t healthy AT ALL.  (Unless you stick to a certain part of it)\

All or Nothing:

One day I wanted chocolate, so all I ate that day was chocolate and coffee.  The next day I woke up feeling kind of sick, but I looked slimmer.  I then had a salad and ate healthy for the remainder of the day.

So you can have ALL the chocolate or candy you want, and NOTHING else.  Or eat healthy and not have any crap at all.

My head hurts…today I’ve had a non-fat latte, protein bar, and half a jar of almond butter.  So I could go either way:  I think I’ll opt for a salad.

This is NOT a diet I’d recommend, just an experiment I’m trying.

Married in (Less Than) A Month…A Public Apology to Steve the Innkeeper.

I have not posted for a few days because I seriously went a little crazy and got hyped up over some minor details.

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to Steve P. I was extremely rude to you on the phone, and I’m glad we’ve emailed since and I really look forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

I’m really not a high maintenance person…I think planning big events tend to bring out multiple emotions in females.

I’d also like to apologize to the assistant at Dr. Jeff’s office today.  I just simply wouldn’t shut up.  I was being nice and chatty and probably annoying.


Married in (Less Than) A Month…Diet Time…

I did a test run and put on my wedding dress when Eric wasn’t around today.  I put on my shoes, dress, and attempted to see how the clutch I purchased looked with it all…I may be returning my clutch, I may not carry one at all.  What do you really need to tote around in a wedding clutch?  I know I won’t be bringing my phone with me or status updating.

Every time I’ve tried on the dress, I like it more and more, except today I had a little meltdown and worried that it was too tight.  What does this mean?

No carbs.

No starchy carbs, I shouldn’t of had those two donuts for dinner last night but they were seriously ALL that was available in the house. I had a gluten-free cookie today and some plantain chips, along with some coffee.  I’ll have a smoothie later, and now I’m wearing a corset for the next four hours in hopes that something magical will happen.

I remember before my high school reunion, I put on a dress and showed my mom, and we agreed it was perfect…then I went on a carbohydrate overload, I put the same dress on two days later and my mom and I were horrified.  We couldn’t even zip the dress up.  I swear I’m like a white Oprah with my weight.

So here’s to drinking a lot of water and not eating ANY bread for the next 2 1/2 weeks.



Let’s Talk About Someone Else…North West, the cutest baby ever.

Enough about me and my grandeur plans for at least today…let’s talk about Kim and Kayne’s adorable baby Nori “North” West 1231318_10151524352466367_1212959755_n

Kim and Kayne, I doubt that you’ll ever come across my blog, but if you do, please know that I’m offering to babysit Nori.

Also, Nori has been offered FREE flights for the rest of her life on Northwest Airlines.  Amazing.


Married (In Less Than) A Month…Questionable Bridezilla Behavior…

Hello.  Anyone who blogs about how excited they are about their wedding must be self-absorbed.  Am I self-absorbed, well…at least I can admit I am, and I’m not only self-absorbed, but absorbed with the person I am marrying so that’s a good thing.

Okay!  If you’re still reading, thanks.

The Knot has a guide here on how to plan your wedding in 30 days.

The Knot also says to make sure that you ask members of your bridal party about themselves and what they are up to.  Just because I’m thinking about this big day non-stop, doesn’t mean that everyone else is.  People have lives!  I feel bad because I texted my “man of honor” today and asked him to wear a tiger shirt to the ceremony (I was halfway kidding) and I completely forgot it was his birthday…I thought it was tomorrow…but still.  I feel like a horrible person.

With this said, I am taking some generic theraflu and indulging in a power nap.


Married in (Less Than) A Month…Registry made easy and fun!

“Where are you registered?”

Well now I can tell you where!  It’s actually pretty cool.  I never thought about using for registry, you can really find just about anything on that site….but one of the coolest options about it, is this little thing you can add to your toolbar, that lets you put anything on your Amazon wishlist or wedding registry that you want from ANY other website!

Here’s a screenshot, if you happen to want a blog entry from me as a “Wish” or wedding gift:

AIt doesn’t matter what website you go to!  (Although a blog post from me as a gift is price negotiable)

I’ve already registered us for a “Towel Warmer”.  Seriously, I’ve always kind of wanted one.  We also registered for some Fiestaware, and some other interesting things.

We also want Queen sized sheets…may I suggest to everyone out there who wants nice sheets, go to TjMaxx or Marshall’s…some of the same ones I saw on Amazon for over $100, were HALF that price in those stores.

Okay, that’s my helpful info for today…feel free to browse our registry here, we’re going to add some more stuff to it:


Married (In Less Than) A Month…How to save money on wedding hair.

So usually around this time of the year, I attend the ED Expo in Vegas…however rather than attend this fun convention for a fifth time, I am now wondering what to do with my hair.  I have a pretty good idea of what’s happening with it…BUT if you’re conflicted about your hair, allow me to give you some ideas.

Buy one of these if you’re considering a bun and play around with it…they actually work.



You can buy these at TJMaxx as well, for around $5.00.  A different brand, but they all do the exact same thing.


Still conflicted on what to do about your hair? Let me recommend Dry Bar, with the highest compliments!  They do Blow Outs and Updo’s, and they can even host your bridal shower, or Bachelorette party.   They have locations pretty much nationwide, and their customer service is impeccable.  Their service is consistent, and if you aren’t happy they’ll do everything in their power to turn things around.  They even make house calls.

ALSO…don’t be a bitch to your bridesmaids ladies!!!!  Don’t force someone to wear an updo if they don’t want to, or some kind of hideous dress…when planning a wedding remember, what goes around comes around.  Don’t be that Bridezilla.  On that note, I don’t really have any “bridesmaids” because I honestly just didn’t know who to ask.  My sister (in her late 20’s) is probably going to be the Flower Girl.  A grown woman as a flower girl?  It’s our day…we can do whatever we want.

Remember, weddings are fun and all, but kind of stressful to plan-even if you have more than a month to do so-just don’t lose sight of what’s really important:  Your life AFTER the big day, it’s just one day and it’s important and all, but not nearly as important as every day afterwards..(okay…now this is getting too cheesy).

Until next time!

Married in (Less Than) A Month…How to avoid annoying vendors and save money and energy…

I am totally excited about getting married.  I can’t imagine how someone planning a really big wedding would be figuring this all out.  It’s not difficult, as much as it is just figuring out what goes where, and I think I need to rent a van and buy some cupcakes.  This is somewhat stressful, and consuming…so I am blogging about it.

I have the dress picked out, ready to wear-Narciso Rodriguez, from Bergdorf Goodman’s.

I went with a good friend to Bergdorf’s to the wedding salon, and we were told that they had nothing “ready to wear”.  For a wedding you need anywhere between three to six months to pick out something that will be custom made-I’m not really into spending a million dollars on a dress, and obviously our wedding is next month, so I was lucky to have a friend with me who has impeccable taste, and helped me pick out the perfect dress on a different floor.  If I wanted to I could easily wear the dress again..(if I was invited to some fancy Hollywood party in the future…)

I went to David’s Bridal awhile ago to try on dresses, they make you fill out a ton of paperwork just to try stuff on.  I went back this weekend, and I said, “I just want to look around at your veils for a friend of mine who’s getting married.”  So I did and I found this overpriced thing.

BR7BhsmCEAESLejSeriously?  $128 for THAT?  No thanks.  Note: Avoid annoying salespeople at David’s Bridal by saying you’re not the bride.  Also, just avoid David’s Bridal altogether.

Also when making reservations for dinner parties at restaurants and hotels and trying to get a block of rooms or a good deal, do not say you’re coming in for a “Wedding Party”…say you’re coming in for a “Family Reunion”.  Why?  Because once you put the word “Wedding” in front of something, the price jumps up, and some businesses take that opportunity to add some kind of surcharge to whatever it is that you’re buying.

A note to our guests: Unless I’ve told you otherwise, the block of rooms is FULL for the “Family Reunion”…get on it with picking your hotel out.  I will send you options.




Married in (Less than) A Month…

Hello All!

I apologize for the lack of posts and updates.  Yours truly is getting hitched!  Yes, that day has come!…Well it IS coming in less than a month.  We’ve had the date picked out for awhile, we just didn’t really start planning anything until the last minute.

Waiting until the last minute is NOT something I recommend…but it can be done, and it will be!

I know a lot of people who are planning their weddings troll the internet looking for advice, so I will post about my happenings and plannings and post some fun and helpful tips that may aid others who are looking to plan their special day.

I’m starting this off with some FAQ’s.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions about our wedding, some of them have been surprising, personal, bordering on rude…but I know people are just curious and have good intentions.


Who’s invited?

Our ceremony is SUPER small.  Pretty much family only.

How long have you been engaged? 

We’ve been together for about 4 years, engaged for 3 1/2.

What took so long to get married?

What’s the rush, and now we just want to.

Are you pregnant?


Are you going to have kids?

Not anytime in the near future.

Is there going to be food at your wedding?

Yes. (I had to include this one because someone actually asked me that…seriously)

Are you going to drink champagne?

No.  Our wedding is not “dry” even though a lot of people who will be there do not drink alcohol, but we are throughoughly encouraging people to get loaded and enjoy themselves.

Do you have a dress picked out?

Yes I do and you can see pictures of it after we are wedded.

Are you going to quit your job after you get married?

No, I am not going to become a real housewife and quit working when I get married.  Getting married does not mean you just quit doing things.  In fact, we both have a lot of projects set up this fall, so we will not be able to take a honeymoon until after December.

Where are you registered?

We have not done that yet…and we really don’t need a lot of the crap that bridal sites are suggesting: ie; steak knives, espresso maker, food processor…

Can you confirm any definite guests?

Yes.  This guy.  Maximillian:



Stay in touch for the next installment of “Married in (Less than) A Month”…coming soon.