I LOVE Ice Cream….REVIEW Skinny Cow Products…

Omg…this stuff is just amazing.

ALL of their products are.  No I’m not getting a dime for promoting this, but if the people at Skinny Cow want to send me a case of ANY of their amazing edibles…I’ll gladly take it, and blog about it for LIFE.

I’ve really been enjoying their ice cream sandwiches…which are a mere 150 calories for per sandwich.

Also they have several mini ice creams available, same deal 150 calories and full o’flava!  I know this is going to sound un-healthy, but I’m having 2 for dinner tonight=300 calories, along with some frozen fruit.  Heaven. F’ing Heaven.

I think this stuff tastes AMAZING.  Other people may feel differently…but I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off or losing any flavor.  On their site you can check out their candy bars which are pretty great as well…the only bad thing about Skinny Cow is that I usually eat so much of their products that they’re not considered low fat-although I think 3 ice cream sandwiches can be considered a “brunch” or “breakfast item….that’s just how I roll.





Well it’s been an interesting week…

Well it’s been an interesting week (hence the title).  I’ve learned many important life lessons  this week.  Frankly, it sucked.  But other than a few minor lesson’s learned-everything is pretty f’ing spectacular.

I found a PINT of ice cream that is Vegan and Gluten free and is ONLY 150 calories…I am SO trying that tomorrow and I’ll write about it.  I’m going to see Union Square…(not the physical place…the movie, although I will probably walk through the actual Union Square to get to the movie theatre).

I don’t really have much to say in this recent blog, but I am posting a cute puppy pic.  Whenever I get frustrated, I play with my dog, binge eat a quart of ice cream, and look at pictures of cute baby animals…so here you go!

My Opinion on Magic Mike…SPOILER alert.

Okay…I actually PAID to see Magic Mike.  Yeah, I admit it and I’m not ashamed of it.  Steven Soderbergh is a good director and made a lot of good moves by picking this script…however as a former stripper I did have some issue with some of things that were portrayed in the film…HOWEVER…I am aware that there’s a BIG difference cash flow wise between male strippers and female ones.

Okay, for starters…Magic Mike says he’s been a stripper for 6 years and he’s managed to save up $13,000, for his aspiring furniture making business…yet he has bad credit, and cannot get a loan from the bank?  My question is…only $13,000 over 6 years?  and…Why don’t you just use your stripping money to start making and selling furniture?  I mean, he has a table that he made himself in his living room…why not make a few more and try to sell those with your hard earned g-string money? Maybe get a roommate for the most likely expensive beachfront apartment you have in Tampa, and not have such a big truck that probably costs you so much money in gas expenses….I’m just saying.  This is solely my opinion.

Also, I’m still having issues why Mike bailed “The Kid” out of trouble by paying off the bad guys $10,000 for all of the ecstasy he lost at the house party.  I’m thinking it was so they wouldn’t go to “The Kid’s” house and hurt his sister that Magic Mike clearly ended up having sex with at the end of the movie…anyways.

Other than that, this film was entertaining.  It moved kind of slow.  I appreciated the dance numbers the guys had during their club scenes and especially enjoyed Channing Tatum’s sniper act where he spun around and then did some cool breakdancing moves on the floor.  Matthew McConaughey was pretty spectacular and cheesy in his role.  So this movie was just about everything I had wanted and expected it to be…except for the fact that Magic Mike hadn’t been saving as much money as he could’ve potentially saved over 6 years of stripping.

I guess it’s important to realize that most people in the strip club industry DON’T save their money…so maybe the moral and point of this blog today is: Strippers, start saving your money.  You cannot strip forever!  Don’t snort it up your nose or drink it all away.