Weddings for EVERYBODY! Go New York City!

Now everybody can get married in New York City!  What’s even cooler is that there’s going to be a Pop-Up-Chapel on July 30th in Central Park.  Gay, Straight, Bi, etc…check this out!

Click on the rainbow flag to read more about this magical event!  Free weddings!  Cupcakes, photographers, etc…complete with a minister and everything.  All you need is a marriage license …and love!

How to Properly Pig Out on a Cheeseburger…Expect Ramifications.

For the most part I eat clean and healthy foods-(minus the Red Bull and Coffee).

One of my most favorite things to indulge in, that rarely happens since I moved back to the East Coast, are cheeseburgers. Mmm!

In Los Angeles, it was so easy just to hop in the car and go pick up a pretty decent burger.  In New York, it takes more effort.  That’s probably a good thing because I’d be a lot heavier.

My rule of thumb is this…I can eat a cheeseburger and fries on occasion, if I think it’s worth it, taste wise.  No McDonalds for me!  I choose carefully when I want to pig out. Because as I’m getting older there are ramifications for eating something that high in calories-at least for me because I’m like a white version of Oprah with weight gain and weight loss.  Below are my favorite cheeseburger picks.  A few of them are West Coast based.

Los Angeles Faves:

In and Out, the “Double Double Protein Style”.

Mmm!  In-and-Out has been a longtime fave of mine.  I ate there twice in one day in a time span of 3 hours.  Their cheeseburgers are simply delicious.  If you order them “protein style”, they give you a lettuce wrapped burger that makes you feel just a little healthier.  I need at least a “double” to feel like I ate anything at all.  I have never researched the calorie content on these burgers, nor do I want to…but I can only imagine.  I wasn’t a fan of their french fries, not splurgeworthy, not bad, but I cannot remember them being spectacular.

Carl Jr’s Low Carb Burger

At just around 600 calories.  This burger was pretty good when I was in dire need of a red meat fix.  I’ve never tried their fries, I’ve heard they’re not good.  They serve a nice thick meat patty, no need to double up on this one.

New York

Corner Bistro

Well…I was wasted when I ate my first Bistro Burger, and it was mighty tasty.  I think anything is good when you’re drunk and hungry though.  I think their fries were good too.

Pop Burger

I remember these being very tasty and able to fit into the palm of my hand…in fact, when I got sick at the restaurant and went to the bathroom to vomit, I went ahead and ate the remaining two when I emerged from the toilet stall.  They were really good, even though they made me sick.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Omg…mmm….a large order of fries and a small cheeseburger with everything will run you about 2,000 calories…good God.  I ate here yesterday.  Went home, passed out.  Woke up, had a small snack.  Went back to bed.  I woke up with a food “hangover” today.  My body can’t process junk food like it used to.

The burger was definitely amazing and splurgeworthy, however I have no energy whatsoever today to do anything.  I have restricted my intake to fresh fruit and coffee so I can physically recoup from this meal.

That’s the thing…you can pig out once in awhile, but if you are concerned about your weight, you have to take into consideration that there are ramifications that come along with it.

Life is short, so pig out, enjoy things in moderation, and have fun.



Stuff I Like, Just Because, I Like it…Good Home Company Tangerine/Vanilla Candle…

I am writing about this product because I simply love it, and the people who sell it are nice too, which makes me like it even more.

I went to the Good Home Company store the other day and picked up the most magical candle ever.  Tangerine/Vanilla.  Sadly I cannot find a pic of one to post from google images, and I am too lazy to take a pic of the one I bought…but you can browse their website for many totally awesome products:

I also enjoy Trapp Orange Vanilla Candles.  Long walks on the beach, puppies, valium, klonopin, and starbucks gift cards.  I also miss Sunset Tan and wish they’d re-run it on E!

These are the simple things that make Randi Newton smile.

Is Ashley The Bachelorette a SLUT? A heated debate amongst friends…

I’ve been thouroughly enjoying this season of The Bachelorette…just like I enjoy EVERY season of the show, and it’s Bachelor counterpart.

There is nothing better than a roomful of grown men fighting over a woman…you could throw ANY woman into the mix and men are such competitive creatures that it wouldn’t matter what the woman looked like etc, if she had two heads-what not.  Competition can bring out a certain quality in people.  It’s not about what or WHO you win to some of these guys…it’s just WINNING period.

Actually I take that first sentence back…the only thing that’s better than grown men bitching over a woman, is a roomful of sniveling crying women pining for some loser guy…THAT’S great television.

A friend of mine said that Ashley comes off looking kind of like a whore-and this is simply due to editing, etc…without a doubt I think Ashley is a sweetheart who is genuinely looking for love.

Does this make Brad a manwhore from last season?  He clearly did a lot more than talking in the fantasy suite with his potential fiances.

Being on a show such as The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or even better yet-The Bachelor Pad is the perfect opportunity for a single person to f’ around and sleep with as many people as possible.  They do a clean sweep for STD’s on those dating shows (a well known fact) so it’s like a televised key party from the 70’s!  A free for all with no consequences! Take advantage of this contestants!

Look at Ashley last season:

When you go on The Bachelorette…you get a full fledged makeover, personal trainer, AND hair extensions..

Now look at her…

Company Review…ECO friendly…but NOT customer friendly…

I write honest reviews…and the products I’ve review, go over the pro’s and cons.  They say if you haven’t anything nice to say, don’t say it at all…but I’m hoping in this case, it will help the company provide better service to their customers, and prevent further miscommunication. is a small business located in New Mexico:


They’ve got some good products…AND I had a Groupon. In all honesty, that’s the only reason I bought into it.


Lack of communication, and desire to cater to customers needs.

After placing an order on May 27th.  I did not hear back from them, until after I reached out to them on June 11th, politely asking where my order was.  The customer service “rep”, was clearly on her cell phone and too busy to take the time to talk to me.  She told me she’d call me back.  I had asked to be reimbursed for the shipping due to a time inconveience.  I was sent back an email explaining their shipping policy.

Okay…then I look at their shipping policy on their website:


They send me an email apologizing for “me not being happy with the resolution”.  That they cannot reimburse for shipping.  I write back and tell them…it’s not that they CANT they WONT.  Number one mistake in customer service!  I file a complaint with Groupon AND Pay Pal…and they reluctantly reimburse me for HALF the shipping.

Even WORSE.  Part of my order was missing!!!  I discovered this today-my flatware that was supposed to come with my “Starter kit”…not there!

It’s not worth the hassle of contacting them, or even dealing with a business such as this…especially after they sent me this message on Pay Pal:

No Eco-Homestore.  I am NOT scamming you.  I can certainly afford to buy my own dishes and flatware from people.  My flatware is missing…uhhh…so who’s scamming me?

I sent a polite email.  Called.  Asked POLITELY.  I am sorry that you are stressed out while running your business and did not expect the massive Groupon orders that came in.

Remember, honesty is the best policy in customer service.  Nobody’s perfect…but when a customer asks for a simple request when they’re unhappy and a business can’t provide that…well poo poo on you.

Thank you Groupon for your help on resolving this issue.  Eco-Homestore…perhaps we’ve both learned a lesson here.


Sculptra Aesthetic…Crystal Harris, Hugh Hefner, and other random thoughts…

Well it looks like Hugh Hefner won’t be getting married this weekend…according to several tweets the marriage is off.  Hef is wearing his heart on his sleeve and vomiting from the mouth on Twitter about how he didn’t see it coming.  His ex Holly just arrived at the mansion approximately 10 minutes ago to “comfort” him….hmmmmm…..

Other than that…I was watching some late night television and saw a commercial for Sculptra Aesthetic.  Being bored and curious, rather than actually wanting to get shot up with the stuff-I asked around and was told that this product is $1,500 a “shot”-typically one gets a total of three, and the results can last for TWO YEARS.

Originally this nifty “anti-aging” elixir was specifically targeted to patients with HIV/AIDS…now they branched out to market women, such as myself, with looking forever young.  My doctor suggested I stick to botox and filler.  That’s fine with me!

Yeah, I have my moments of vanity, but what normal woman does not…at least I can admit to them 😉


Andrew Rannells, Broadway Superstar, Tony Nominee (winner!?…I think so!)

As I’m writing this, I feel as if it’s Christmas Eve.  Tomorrow night the Tony Awards are on, and Andrew is nominated for Best Actor in a Musical (Book of Mormon, which is also up for Best Musical).

WOW!  Look at this pic (from of!  He’s rehearsing for the big night!

I grew up with Andrew in Omaha-we did several interesting community theatre productions together, along with working tech on an atrocious musical revue about the 1970’s one summer for extra cash.  We’ve had many magical and crazy adventures together that I cherish dearly 🙂

Andrew has worked beyond hard to get to where he is today.  There is no such thing as an overnight success…and that’s something we all need to remember…one of my favorite quotes, is one that my dad cut out of the Omaha World Herald for me, ages ago:

I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it, and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is something else; hard work and realizing what is opportunity and what isn’t. – Lucille Ball

Hard work will get you everywhere…that and having amazing talent, personality, and the ability to care for others like Andrew does.

Finally I can actually really be excited about The Tony Awards this year!

I love you Andrew!  Along with millions of others! Yay!

Thank You….

Here’s to two years…and many more to come.

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Cobi, Tip, Andrew, Jen, Mala, Eric and Ricks Cabaret.  You guys have been more amazing and supportive than you’ll ever know.

Love to all.


P&H Soda Company…a Perfect Cool Accomplice to a Hot Day…

I tried this in Madison Square Park the other day…

Mmm….Just get a glass of sparkling water and add the sweetness of the soda syrup to your liking.

This stuff is made from natural ingredients in Brooklyn.  I was so enamored by the ginger soda, and the amazing combination of grapefruit and hibiscus…I went ahead and bought FOUR bottles of the stuff so I could make it at home.

This stuff is spectacular…you can order online HERE and see where they’ll be setting up shop next…Bravo P&H…Bravo!