Some People Just Really Love Football…

Tonight I met a man at work who said that he was obsessed with football.  That it was the end all and be all of his life.  I asked him what he would do without football in his life.  He said he’d probably just get a girlfriend.


This song has nothing to do with football…but I like it.

Well…This Week Kind of Blew…

What a week.

Photo: Circa October 2009…being a “poser” in Weho at brunch at the Four Seasons.  The coffee was so strong I was high.


More than 5 years ago, but less than 8, I was riding in a taxi cab very late at night/early am.  The driver was a nicer older gentleman asking me all kinds of questions, and sharing his thoughts, and views on important life lessons, etc…I remember very vividly as he dropped me off in front of my apartment, he said:  “I hope and wish you to have a wonderful life.  Odds are, we will never see each other again.”  I was taken aback and I wished him the same.  He was right.  I haven’t seen him since…Here’s a deep thought for you, my readers, to ponder:  Sometimes we never know if when we’re seeing someone if that’s going to be the last time.  Life is a mysterious and precious thing.  Time flies, and all of that stuff.  I’m just grateful to be present for it.

Okay…I’ll chipper this blog up.

One lesson I learned this week is that I am not a day person.  If becoming a vampire was an option or not sacrilegious I’d go for it.  I worked from noon until eight pm tonight and thanks to the constant stream of coffee and, Sugar Free Red Bull of course, it’s still in my system and I cannot sleep.  There was a bit of an issue regarding me being not allowed to have a Red Bull (I had two yesterday and I guess that was a problem), but after getting permission from two managers it ended up being okay.  Was it worth it?  Well it’s 6:00am and I cannot sleep…so maybe not.


On a COMPLETELY cheesy note…I do like this John Legend song.  I had a drunk guy quote the lyrics to me once in a very dramatic way on a date-he thought we were “taking it slow”…but I wasn’t taking it anywhere.  This video could also make for an excellent Beneton Ad…as it’s multi-cultural.

Cheeseola…but I can be in that kind of mood today.

Thanks for your reading and patience.  Thank you for your kind words and condolences…they have meant a lot and i’m sorry I haven’t been able to get back to each and every one of you quite yet.

The Most Amazing Invention Since Sliced Bread…

I got a Roku the other day.  Let me tell you my friends.  It’s a pretty amazing invention.  If you subscribe to Netflix, it allows you to get UNLIMITED streaming films that go directly from your computer to the Roku which is hooked up to your television.  It’s really a magical thing.  There are “channels” that come with the Roku, like Pandora, Amazon Movies (but Netflix is way cheaper and BETTER!), and even LIVE coverage of Nasa!-however, when I’ve tried to watch that free channel it’s just a bunch of really boring press conferences, no astronauts in space! Boo 😦

There are even secret porn channels! (this is not a free channel fyi…)

Now if you want one of these AMAZING Roku machines, just send me a message on here, or via Facebook and I can send you a coupon so you can get a discount!

How totally awesome is that!!?!

Anyways…thanks again for all of your kind words regarding my Grandmother.  Thank you for reading my blog.

Much Love…and remembering….

Well…prepare yourselves.  This is going to be a Debbie Downer blog…

My grandmother passed away this morning.  I’m beyond sad, as is the rest of my family.  She had a very full and happy life, and I have some really amazing memories of her.

She suffered a stroke seven years ago.  Her chances of survival then were not good…but she was a strong lady, pushed through, then yesterday-seven years later, from the last one-she had another one, but this time they could not wake her up.

She died peacefully in her sleep this morning.  What’s heartbreaking is she and my grandfather were together for 60 years.  I think that one of their first dates was at a roller skating rink.  They both looked like moviestars.  She used to rub vaseline on her face often before she’d go to bed.  She had piercing blue eyes.  I only heard her use a bad word once.  It was sh*t.

My grandfather is beside himself with sadness.  Imagine losing your partner of 60 years…

Please send thoughts and prayers to my family…tell yours how much you love them.

The Most Fattening Appetizer at a Restaurant in the WORLD…

Well…maybe not the WORLD.  But according to Men’s Health, Eat This Not That, it’s certainly right up there…

I went to Outback Steakhouse last night.  Growing up in the Midwest, there are two “fancy” places to go to.  Olive Garden, and Outback.  I remember going to Olive Garden before prom once-and thought it was simply delicious and I was living it up.

Now I go to these places as a joke. (no offense Midwesterners).  I love Outback and O.G. but in New York City there are a MILLION restaurants to choose from, and I can get a real Italian meal from somewhere in Little Italy for a fraction of the price-minus the unlimited breadsticks and salad of course…but I can deal with that.

I had the world famous Bloomin’ Onion for an appetizer/meal…for a whopping 1,560 calories-I also had a salad with enough ranch dressing to feed a small country.

The WORST appetizer in the world, are the Cheese Fries at Outback. 2,140 Calories!!  That’s more than someone is supposed to eat in a day.  Wow.  I didn’t get the fries…but the thought of drenching them in Ranch dressing as well…makes me oddly hungry.  Wrong I know.  (the person who took the picture above had the same idea too apparently…mmm YEAH!)

I’ve had nothing but juice and coffee today to try and “detox” from the binge last night.

Blueprint Cleanse is OVER…and now, back to our regular, semi-meaningless, content-aka-I Was a Phone Psychic Once (a fake one).

It’s over…it’s done.  The Cleanse wasn’t for me.  Now back to blogging about my “normal” weird stuff I usually blog about until I can think of something that will once again peak the interest of the masses.


My boyfriend and I went to some street psychics the other night.  We were bored, and knew it would mostly be a lot of nonsense, but wanted to see what they would say.

Psychic’s HATE me…well the fake ones do-because they probably know that like them, I’m full of sh*t.

I used to work for a very popular phone psychic hotline back in the day-and guess what….I’m NOT psychic.  I can talk, pick up information, from people.  The BIGGEST MISTAKE people give fortune tellers are too many answers to their questions, too many facial expressions, reactions, when we approached the two “gypsies” on the street, my boyfriend was given a reading by the young “20” year old fortune teller (we decided later on that she was probably 17)-and I was told that her mother would be reading mine in their upstairs apartment.  My boyfriend and I looked at each other as I went into this strangers apartment, I was a little nervous that I’d be killed, but doubted that would happen-expecting an older woman with gray hair and a crystal ball-but instead was greeted by an extremely attractive woman who appeared to be close to my age.

She didn’t like me.

I sat throughout the reading nodding my head.  Expressing no emotion-besides thanks to my botox I’m sure there wasn’t any emotion she could pick up on.  Then TWICE she said.

“You are a materialistic person who fills the void inside with possessions.  Only possessions fill the void, temporarily, then it comes back.”  I just nodded and said “Ok”.  Wondering if she knew the extent of my “possessions” were cases of sparkling water, dream water, Starbucks Coffee, Red Bull, and maybe the occasional shopping binge at Old Navy or H&M.  I was wearing a $12 Target shirt and carrying a Gap tote that I got on sale for $20.  Seriously…WTF.

Then she said a bunch of general stuff, like money would be coming to me, that I had a falling out with a friend (another blank I drew from that statement), and that something “very special” had been taken from me as a child…nope…couldn’t think of anything that fit that either.  Her daughter said the same thing to my boyfriend I was later told.

She brought up me being materialistic again, I spoke up:

“Uhh…I don’t think I’m really like that, but okay.”

“Well that’s what I’m picking up on.” she said.  “Over the past year you look in the mirror and don’t recognize what you see.”

“Hmm….okay.”  I said and smiled and the reading was over.  Maybe she’s right…thanks to botox I no longer have those annoying frown lines on my forehead.  That has to be it.

BluePrint Cleanse REVIEW…aka…this is NOT for me!

Well…I seemed to be doing okay on the cleanse-or so I thought-HOWEVER after an intervention from others around me experiencing my horrific mood swings, I am now going to Starbucks to get the pumpkin loaf I’ve been thinking about all day.

Thanks to everyone who sent me the kind words of support…saying “You can do this.”  Well, I know I can, but it wasn’t fun and it’s not like I’m preparing for anything.  I cannot even imagine who would sanely participate in a Bridal Juice Cleanse omg.  Talk about Bridezilla.

I still have juice left that I did try to give away to my Facebook friends, no one wanted it, so I’m using the remaining juice for the rest of the weekend, but incorporating food into it.  I still got results from “cheating” yesterday, and I broke rules EVERY day doing Insanity (which I may review in the next few days for the fun of it.) and still managed to lose 15 pounds…so I think I’ll be just fine.

All in all maybe eating a pumpkin loaf from Starbucks isn’t the best thing to eat after a juice cleanse…but I do not care.  Thanks for reading…and more blogs to come.  Email me with any further questions about my experience if you wish.

BluePrint Cleanse REVIEW day two…(part one?

Well…I admit it.  I admit defeat.

Juice cleanses and fasts are NOT for EVERYONE, and I think I’m one of those people.

There is nothing wrong with the juice it tastes great.  I look slender, and by the end of my first day I’ve gotten rid of the bloating in my tummy that was annoying me-I’m not on this cleanse to lose a LOT of weight, but was hoping to jump start my goal of losing five pounds.


After I posted last night, I proceeded to eat six small salt water caramels..they were AMAZING!  They weren’t part of the cleanse, obviously, but I didn’t feel guilty.

I was light headed and started feeling high for the rest of the evening and passed out after doing a shot of Dream Water while watching “The Jersey Shore”, then woke up WAY too early with lots of energy this morning.

My first thoughts were, “Wow I feel great!”  then…”Oh no, the earlier I wake up the more hungrier I’ll be over the day.”  So I tried to fall back asleep, I finally gave in and did get out of bed earlier, considering my night owl schedule and now I’m enjoying some espresso with chocolate soy milk..which is NOT part of the cleanse, but again, I’m not feeling guilty.


I may post later again today, I plan on trying to follow this thing even though I’m kind of a space cadet and confining myself to my apartment.


I will say that I’ve learned a few things just from attempting this 2 day cleanse thing:

I am a wimp.  I LOVE food.

I’m like a white Oprah, I can gain and lose weight really fast.

Thank goodness I’m not a part of a religion that encourages fasting, because God would be very annoyed with me.

More later…thanks again for reading.

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