Wunderful Kitchen…and other things that are “cooking”…

Here’s Becky Wunder’s latest video entry setting the record straight on her recent media mentionings.

Yay Becky!  you can check out more of her fab recipes and fun videos at WunderfulKitchen.com


On my front, I’m in rehearsals for All About Walken Super excited.  Of course there’s the rumor that Christophe Walken may show up…but part of me feels as if it’s like waiting for Guffman (although our show is WAY better than Red, White and Blaine).

Getting ready to attend the Expo in Vegas again this year.

Also, since being hired to write a screenplay-that’s an adaptation from a novel-I am making a home office.  I’ve tried writing at Starbucks…it’s distracting.  I’ve thought about renting office space, but then realized one of the luxuries of my apartment I have overlooked…the HUGE living room with windows and an amazing view…a pleasant sunny distraction in my new office.  Maybe I’ll take some pics and post them when I’m done…back to construction…

Louis XIIII Rare Cask…

I have never been so fascinated by a product before in my life.

They are only making THIRTY of these bottles available for purchase, and Rick’s Cabaret has acquired TWO of them.

Only certain staff members are allowed to even TOUCH this bottle and serve it, and when they do…they must wear white gloves and carry it out with a candle on a tray.  The bottle itself comes in a metal case and with a book about the history of the product.

It seems like a very, very intense cognac.  I started a rumor at work that if someone purchased a shot of this fine product, that a troupe of breakdancers would come out and do a routine…and I actually got a waitress and manager to believe this.  I’m sure that someone would gladly do a dance if one of these shots were sold though, if it was part of the incentive for the customer to buy it.


I’m in a play for the first time in YEARS…

When I lived in Los Angeles, I auditioned for this show: “All About Walken“, approx, five years ago.  There was not a part for me in the production at that time, but low and behold, I get a message from the director all this time later asking me if I’d like to be in the New York production!  Hells yeah!

Other than my random television appearances, me hosting karaoke from time to time, and the occasional reading series I’ve been invited to partake in, I haven’t done anything with a script in forever!  I have to say, I was a little nervous at my first rehearsal…but I think this is going to be a pretty good show…especially if you are a Christopher Walken fan.  I may not do the most amazing impersonation of Walken, but I “own” it…and the director says that’s the best thing one can do with a performance.

Did you know Christopher’s real name is Ronnie?  Well, now you do!

Another Interlude…

I like this cover way better than the original…

I highly recommend “Garden State” soundtrack for a wide variety of interesting tunes.

Interesting past few days.  In a dreamlike haze from sleeping aids.

Product review DREAM WATER…

I figured since my last few entries have been whiny and annoying…I’d actually put something up that could “help” people…well…KIND of.

If you live in the greater NYC area, maybe you’ve seen Dream Water bottles at your deli, or at Duane Reade…if not, here’s a link to their site:

Dream Water

I’ve gotta say this stuff WORKS.  I’m not getting paid a cent from Dream Water for saying any of this.  I don’t know what’s in this magical shot that claims to be “all natural”, I’ve read the ingredients on the bottle, checked out their site.  This stuff works better than popping a benzo before bedtime, and you’re talking to someone who CHUGS Sugar Free Red Bull and caffeine like it’s her job.  I was super duper pleasantly surprised when I found a new sleep aid that works WAY better for me than your typical over the counter things.  Comparitively, I do not know how it measures up to Ambien, other than Ambien pretty much being a benzo and I don’t think it’s all natural.

If you go to their site you can get a free sample, you just have to pay for shipping.  I’m going to start ordering this stuff by the case!

Scratch My Back…

And I’ll scratch yours…

Usually I’m the one scratching, and when I “roll over” I’m told that the favor will not be returned.

I was brought up to do things out of the kindness of my heart, and to not do something expecting reciprocation.  But of course who WOULDN’T want a massage in return…you know?  Especially when someone dangles the carrot in front of you.


Don’t offer to put a link to my site if I help write and edit the entire bio on yours, and then…well NOT keep your word.  This is ONE example…I cannot get into detail for fear of offending the offenders…but they probably aren’t reading anyways.  I read theirs.  Don’t say things like, “Sorry I can’t plug your blog, my girlfriend would question how I met you, because I’ve “never been to a strip club”…but can we still have sex?”  Really? Like come on.

Enough of my whining.

If you have issues with the content and name of my blog, yet think that you still have something you can “squeeze” out of me…then maybe I should be flattered that you’re trying to use me.

On a completely different topic, “The Bachelorette” was really boring this week.  I usually love dating shows where one male or female gets to screw around with a dozen obsessed groupies…but this week…sucked.  


I knew I should’ve known something was up when I saw my online statement yesterday, having two weird charges in Ohio at a sports equipment store, totaling to $9.00…I thought it was weird but ignored it.  Then today I couldn’t ignore the two pending statements from ITALY…one being from an electronics store for around $980 bucks, and another for a little over $400 for a dumb sunglasses website.  I freaked out, called my bank, which had already frozen my card for me, due to the odd behavior.

I then found out my sister also had a weird charge this week on her card from London.  We both used Pay Pal this week to my knowledge, and I also heard that Itunes was hacked into on the fourth of July…hmmm…

Yeah I’ll get my money back…but it still sucks and I feel violated.



In addition to doing a play the first week of August here in NYC!  YAY!  More details to come…but if you like Christopher Walken it’s a must see titled, “All About Walken”.

I’m super duper thrilled about this.

and for the other big announcement…drum roll please….

I’ve been hired to co-write a screenplay (and no it’s not a porn)!  It’s an amazing project that I’m psyched about.  Something that will be different than anything else out there.  In addition to this project, I’m also working with the same production company in development.

So yeah…fun stuff happening here.