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I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  I had a really happy and fun one…although I am going to the gym like crazy for the next week to work off what I ate, so it wasn’t exactly healthy!

I had a great time with my mom’s visit.  It was an action packed activity filled weekend!

We saw two films, the first, “Precious” which was good and all but could easily be a made for TV Lifetime move if the editing was done differently.  I am NOT dissing this film or Oprah.  I think it has an important message, but Oprah certainly hyped it up a little more than I thought necessary.  I was expecting to be blown away, and yes it was good but I was NOT blown away.  That usually happens when the media over-hypes.  I love you Oprah….and I love you too Gayle King!  (and Thanks for having me on your show a few months ago Gayle! I’d love to come back!)

Then we saw “The Blind Side”.  The movies were slightly similar in certain ways, and I found myself tearing up during this new Sandra Bullock vehicle that people are also raving about.  Call it PMS or something…but I did tear up.  Sandra Bullock’s performance was decent, but not nearly as “amazing” as the critics made it out to be.  Ahhh…if only bleaching ones hair was enough to get you the credit of a “performance of a lifetime”…

We were also uber lucky to have caught Zero 7’s first New York City Concert ever!  You know who Zero 7 is!  You’ve so heard this song:

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And if this video/link doesn’t work….forgive me, and just google Zero 7.

Their music is totally chillout stuff.  However, the girl standing beside us was really getting into every song.  Like headbanging, swaying, jumping.  Finally I think she walked over to another part of the crowd and vomited, and her stoner boyfriend escorted her out.  It was a pretty amazing show though.

At last, we saw Carrie Fisher’s “Wishful Drinking”at Studio 54.  AWESOME!  It was inspiring and really cool to hear someone speak so candidly about their life.  Who knows…maybe I’ll throw together  my own show.  It could be interesting…more later!


Writing this as I slip into a food coma…..bluhhh…

Well my “healthy lifestyle changes” went out the window today!  I fully gorged myself at Thanksgiving dinner. My mom came in from Omaha and we went to Virgil’s BBQ in Times Square.  Don’t laugh…it’s amazing food and I’ve spent more Thanksgiving’s there than not since I’ve lived in NYC.

We thought it would be fun to go see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.  It was…well….spectacular for what it was.  It’s a really great well done, well produced Christmas show.  My mom and I were like, “Oh F’ it!  Let’s just go see it and get it over with!”  The show had live animals in it too.  Like camels and sheep, and even some little people.

Is this wrong?  Whenever I go and see a show, I secretly kind of want something to go wrong.  I kept waiting for a Rockette to fall or kick off beat.  At one point as I was watching the show I actually thought to myself, “Well…I could pull this off, I could be a Rockette.”  It looked easy enough until they got into a tap dancing routine with some major combinations that ended in everyone doing synchronized splits.  I think I’ll keep my day job…Then when they brought the live animals onstage I secretly hoped that maybe a camel would freak out and run off stage.  I even would’ve been happy with an animal taking a dump on the stage.  Just something going mildly wrong.  Alas that did not happen either.  My mom and I discussed this.  I wonder if they mildly sedate the animals.  Don’t camels scare easy?

All in all the show was good for what it was.  Good, clean, family fun.  However it is a CHRISTMAS show.  They don’t really honor any other religions in this show.  So if you’re Jewish, or dating someone who is, I do not recommend it for a date night.  This did bother me a bit…I don’t think it would be hard to incorporate a few drediels or some Kwanza decor into it.  I guess they just want to keep it the way it is.

I’m now slipping off into a food coma…until next time.

Diet is just another four letter word…

Happy Monday to all!

If you look through some of my previous blogs,  I know I’ve gone off about weight loss.  The topic of dropping lbs is always in the front or back of the typical female’s mind.

In the past year I’ve lost approximately 30lbs!

I didn’t think I even had that much weight to lose.  Most of it was un-sightly body fat.  I have people asking me if I’ve picked up a drug habit because my weight loss seemed to be so sudden and dramatic, and it’s quite the opposite-I gave up a lot of my unhealthy habits-traded them with good ones- and the weight just melted off.

I don’t really believe in diets.  Yes, I believe that they exist…but if you truly wish to lose weight and keep it off it’s about making a permanent lifestyle change.  If you drink cayenne pepper juice with lemon for 10 days sure you’ll lose some weight, but once you start eating real solid foods, it’ll come right back.  Lifestyle changes aren’t easy, but as with anything that becomes a habit, bad OR good, once you get into the swing of things it’s not so hard to develop healthy eating and exercise patterns.

So please stop accusing me of doing meth in the ladies room.  If anything, I need a caffeine intervention.  I am happy to take a drug test for anyone who doubts my word.

End of week recap…and a minor vent.

Great way to end the week!  Thanks to all who came out to Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke!  It was WAY fun…and a super special thanks to by high school pal Ed who made a surprise stop by!  That’s totally awesome!  Thanks Ed!!!

Spost Love fashion show went very well.  I’m really happy and proud for Samantha Post.  For more info on her line…just look on the blog entry below and click on the link for info on where you can get her merchandise.


I’ve been dealing with a myriad of reactions lately from different friends and acquaintances regarding my alcohol consumption…or should I say…lack thereof.  I will not get into intricate detail on this blog.  Basically, I’ve cut back on my drinking.   Some people have had issues with me cutting back on the booze.  I am not comparing MYSELF to this situation, however, imagine this: a chain smoker going down from two packs a day to maybe a puff here and there,and many times not a single puff at all.  I cut back on drinking because it was making me fat, hungover, and depressed.  I was sleeping too much and not doing anything productive.  I had a few incidents that had me waking up with massive amounts of empty bags of potato chips laying around me-in these scenarios I’d usually be alone, half dressed with something weird like with only one sock on and a horrific amount of text messages that I had sent while drunk.

So one day I just woke up and decided to muster up some willpower to cut back, and I have.

Some people have been amazing and supportive since this, and it’s like nothing has changed.  They wouldn’t get annoyed if I were to decide to drink something, and  stop after one.  Others can’t seem to feel comfortable around me not even having one.

I see updates and pics of parties I’m not invited to on various networking sites.  Text messages that I send saying “Hey want to meet up…” without getting a response.  It makes me feel really left out. 😦

I just don’t understand why these SAME people didn’t seem to have a problem with me passing out on their floor drunk, and vomiting in their toilet during a party.  Now they seem to not want to hang out with me that I’m not really drinking. Wouldn’t you want me to hang out with you for once and not pass out on your floor?  I’m certainly a lot more talkative and fun and capable of having a conversation without being heavily intoxicated.  That doesn’t make sense in many ways, but then again it does. I try not to take this personally, but one can’t help it.  Overall…it does sadden me and confuse me at times.  But these same people I speak of don’t even read this blog.

I’m not mad at these people…I guess I’m just trying to understand where they’re coming from…and maybe they’ll consider including me again as part of their group.

I’m not writing this because I’m at a loss for friends at all…but I’m bummed.  I don’t understand the different reactions that people take on when one makes a lifestyle change. Does it make that person question their OWN issues?  Or does it make me appear to be boring?

But you know what…I’m sure I’ve been that person too.  The one who doesn’t know how to process something that someone has shared with me about something positive they’re trying to change about themselves.  Maybe I haven’t been the best friend to those people who have opened up to me  in those situations. If that’s the case…I’m very sorry.

Punk Rock Heavy Metal Karaoke THIS THURSDAY!!!! and wait…there’s MORE funness on Friday!

Come out and rock out with your c**k out!


105 Eldridge Street NYC


There is a $5.00 cover.

I will be singing a very special and magical heavy metal song, and sporting a metal slut outfit with metal rocker hair. This is an event that you don’t want to miss!  TONS of hot women will be there!!!!

On FRIDAY I will be modeling in Spost’s Love’s FIRST fashion show!

Webster Hall, THIS FRIDAY 9:00.

OPEN BAR from 9-10.

If you want to come…leave me a msg on this site and I will put you on the list and give you the magic password to get in.

This ready-to-wear line is killer, and I’m thrilled and honored that they asked me to be involved.  Designer Samantha Post is not only talented, but a down to earth sweetheart who is amazing to work with.  Here’s a pic to give you an idea of what the line is like.

They have stuff for men too…for more info go to the site:

Anyhoo….pretty exciting week…MORE in the weeks to come.

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The newest thing I’ve seen on Facebook…

So a girl that I knows posted an “invitation to an event”, with her permission I have cut and copied it verbatim from her page, if you are so moved by this titilating cause you can donate at the link below…..And again note this is NOT ME.  I do not need implant replacement surgery!  (I do not have implants).  I could use some new bras though….


Here it is:

Sarah needs a NEW RACK!!!

Start Time:
Friday, November 13, 2009 at 3:55pm
End Time:
Monday, January 4, 2010 at 6:55pm
Dr. Taters


Hello friends!

” T-minus and counting…” So says Dr. Tater at yesterday’s consultation.

I went to see Dr. Tater because my 15 year old boobie implants are starting to feel a lil’ funny AND look a little strange. (In other words,Thelma and Louise are at the end of their life!).
In Medical Terms: it’s called capsular contracter (yikes!) basically the scar tissue is squeezing my “snuggle pups” into weird misshapen Christmas hams! and Louise (my left meatball), is starting to have tingly pain! (If I don’t get surgery, I’m risking a rupture!!). O.M.G.

I’m in need of revision surgery asap and am a few buck-a-roonies short. (Revision surgery is damned EXPENSIVE!)
PLEASE donate what you can to save my bazooms, flappers, dirty pillows, rib cushions, bikini stuffers, tamales….Well, you get my drift!

Give what you can!! $5, $10, $15, $20….Hell, if anyone donates $100, they can cop a feel of my new n’ improved fun-bags!!!

I’ve posted a LINK below. All you have to do CLICK and DONATE.

(I know times are financially difficult, so give what you can…and if you can’t give–That’s OK! Thanks for considering!)



I love how this was posted as “an event”.  One girl created a website to help rid her of credit card debt and got a book deal out of it….now implants!  So anything’s possible.

International press and cultural differences.

Rick’s Cabaret and myself have loved the enthusiasm that’s been received from all over the world about The Wall Street Stripper.  Thank you all for your interest.  We’re always receptive to listening to interview pitches, and usually accept them.  You can find the contact info for the club’s PR firm on this page.

The latest piece I’ve stumbled upon is this bizarre, yet nicely edited video montage.  A kind of behind the scenes look at what happens when the media come to the club.  I am a bit heavier in this video than I’d like to be…but I’m posting some fun and exciting new pics soon of the new improved Randi Newton.

Click on the link and then click video!


Guess who’s hosting Punk Metal Karaoke??…(me!)

I have been asked (and I must say that I’m freaking FLATTERED and super excited about this!!!!) To host Punk Metal Karaoke on Thursday November 19th at Fontana’s in NYC at 10:00pm.

The cover is a mere $5.00.  That’s cheaper than a drink at Starbucks.

Now before you roll your eyes and say to yourself, “Oh pleeeease!  I HATE karaoke!”

NOTE: this is not real karaoke…in fact this is better than karaoke.  It should not even be called karaoke because it doesn’t involve a karaoke machine or annoying squeaky clean host…it involves a LIVE BAND and ME HOSTING and probably wearing something REALLY sexy. 🙂  It involves cheap beer, drunk women, drunk men, people throwing bras and panties at the stage…I PROMISE you will have a great time.

I will be singing a metal classic that I will not reveal unless you come out and enjoy the show.  Click on the graphic below for all of the deets!


Now you’re probably thinking…”Can Randi even sing?”

Yes.  I can.  Many of you probably have no idea that I am a member of “God’s Of Fire” as one of their background singers.  I’ve been employed as a professional singer…in fact…that’s why I originally moved to NY in addition to acting.  So, I’ve been told I don’t suck.

Please come, and I’ll never ask you to come to anything ever again.  Like my birthday party, wedding, baby shower, etc….