Happy Birthday Zuz!

I had the pleasure of attending my awesome friend Zuzanna’s birthday party this evening.  I’ve known Zuz for years.  You can catch her on the CW’s hit series GOSSIP GIRL.  Here’s a link to an interview with her:


Here’s a still from a short film we did a few years ago, yet to be released called “A. Express”.  It’s oh so dramatic:


Now, me as usual…being somewhat of a dumbass and reverting back to my “blonde” days forgot to bring a camera to capture photos from this evening.  Zuz took some herself, and I’ll post them when she sends them.

Zuzanna is a very refreshing person to be around.  Happy Birthday Zuz!

A welcome to the DER TAGESSPIEGEL readers from abroad!  Guten Tag for reading my blog!

A few anniversary party pics!

Here are some pics from the Rick’s Cabaret 4th Anniversary celebration!  Tons of fun, and it’s going on for the next few days if you want to come by and check it out!

My hair is all poofy because I’m wearing a “bumpit”….have you seen the commercials?  They work!  (well..KIND of.)


And with some of my favorite co-workers…


On Friday I’m going to a very special birthday party for a very special person!  Check the blog for photos and coverage later this week!!!

A line to get into Abercrombie…huh?

So I’m walking down 5th ave to my acupuncture appointment and I see a line wrapped around the corner to get into the Abercrombie store:


Like REALLY…wtf?  I mean…maybe I’m the un-cool one, or there’s a new fragrance coming out or some celeb is there that I didn’t know about.  A line to get into Abercrombie though, so 2000?

I’ve tried liking Abercrombie, but like American Apparel, I leave the store feeling fat and old thanks to the young hot shirtless male models who stand outside and the girls wearing denim shorts that would look like a really tight pair of granny panties on my fat ass.  I don’t get it.

A few words of wisdom and a little advice…

Not that you asked…but hey, you’re here and reading aren’t you?

I think I’m starting to realize that if you go with the flow and don’t force gravity that things really settle into place.

Also…don’t drink massive amounts of caffeine after 7:00pm if you expect to go to bed at a decent hour.

Look out David Hasselhoff!!!


I’m supposed to be featured along with Rick’s Cabaret in Sunday’s Tagesspiegel in Germany!  Woo hoo!  I’ll post a link when the article officially comes up…I don’t know what the time difference is in Germany, for all I know it could still be Friday there!  Dear Lord I hope I don’t look fat in the pics!  Watch out Hoff…the Wall Street Stripper is coming to Germany!


Various Musings, Rick’s Anniversary Party…Etc…

Next week Rick’s Cabaret will celebrate their fourth anniversary of their flagship location in NYC!

Come one…come all!


It’s going to be a funtabulous jungle theme complete with foliage, food, and ladies.


Also, here’s a link to my Facebook page…I do not have a page for personal use…this is the only page…all others are imposters…(actually there’s a teenage Randi Newton living in Canada who has become my cyber friend, please don’t add her by mistake…unless you want to.)



I’ve had quite a nasty bout of writers block lately.  I’m currently working on FOUR projects…actually only physically really working on three.  One is stuck inside my head and has yet to manifest itself on paper.  I’m hoping by next week it will find itself further ahead.

On a random side note:

I’m thinking about cutting soy out of my diet for a week.  Will that make that much of a difference with weight loss?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Anybody want to be in my book club?

Yeah Oprah is cool and all, and yes she does pick some stellar books…but perhaps the Wall Street Stripper should start a book club of her own.

I’m open to suggestions, but if you want to read what I’m currently lying in bed with you can buy it here:


“Around the World in 80 Lays” by Joe Diamond.  I’m almost finished with this and I’m already planning a trip to Brazil!  I’ve met Joe and he’s mad cool and a fabulous writer!…

This book has been sitting gathering dust on my bedroom floor:


“Shopgirl” by Steve Martin.  Yes THAT Steve Martin…you know the actor and comedian.  Although I’m sure Mr. Martin is really cool as well, I do not know him personally.  I saw him at an art gallery about 7 years ago and I was too scared to say anything to him.  I remember that he was drinking a glass of champagne,and I heard that he had a fondness for British brunettes with glasses-eventually I heard that he married one.

I tried to start a book club with a guy I liked who claimed that he didn’t have the attention span or desire to read anything that was “too long”, because he’s busy with work.  I figured that “Shopgirl” would be a good pick, as it’s only 150 pages.  However during “week one” of our two person club (does two people even constitute calling yourselves a club?)…he said he just didn’t have to read through the first 30 assigned pages…so much for that book club.

Seriously though….anybody want to be in my book club?  I’m open to suggestions on reading material after “Around the World in 80 Lays”.  It doesn’t have to be adult oriented or themed…just something interesting and fast paced.

How to lose 220 pounds in 6 months…

For starters…stop seeing your boyfriend.  That’s the quickest way to shed a unneccsary extra 200 pounds of body fat.

After that, the weight loss didn’t come easy.  I’m writing this blog, because some people have questioned how it is that I’ve dropped a little over 20lbs in the past 6 months.  Firstly, thanks for all of the kind words and well wishes, compliments, etc…I appreciate it all tremendously.  I really do.

Then of course along with the good comes the bad, and the people who make accusations.

I lost my weight by completely changing my lifestyle, diet, and exercise plan.  I traded some bad habits for good ones.  No I am not starving myself or anorexic.  I’m definitely not depriving myself of splurges of my fave foods.  I’ve been on a roll and I want to get in the best physical condition ever.  By cutting back on booze, doing gyrotonics which I SWEAR by…not to mention I see a therapist and an accupuncturist to keep things in check as well-I’ve managed to shed a lot of body fat and inches.  There is no miracle cure or magic pill.  Just hard work and determination.

Not your typical roommate situation…

I’ve been living with the same roommate for approximately the past six years.  We are one BILLION percent polar opposites…and as weird as it’s been at moments…it’s honestly the best living situation I’ve ever had.  We hardly EVER see one another.

We get along well, although there are moments where she will complain about me leaving a single cup in the sink, or something to that effect, by leaving a well written polite, yet firm note.  She’s British, a bit older than me, and a lovely kind person.  She makes tea several times a day in an old school whistling tea pot.  The first time around 6:00 am…the second between 2-5pm.  Over the years hearing the little whistle has become oddly comforting, and annoyed as I am with things at times.

She has no idea about my part-time job-by some miracle of God, she was out-of-town for a week during the media’s hype of Wall Street Stripper and didn’t grab the Post, or see any of the interviews I did.  It was her first trip out of NYC for about 3 years…so it was pretty good timing.  So if she as any inkling, I have no idea.  We keep to ourselves.  I pay my rent on time.  I’m pretty quiet and spend most of my free time in my room watching reality television or reading a book.  When I moved in, I barely had furniture-now I have a few staple key items in my bedroom…she has the majority of the living room area and our tastes are…AHEM…quite different.

Since I’ve lived the longest in this apartment and in NYC than I’ve lived ANYWHERE my entire life-which I truly appreciate more and more each day, and since I resigned my lease I decided to “personalize” my half of the living room which is has been sadly vacant of any decor-and has been for the duration of my stay.  I decided to go with a retro red and white theme, complete with a lava lamp, matching red pillow, and a retro-esque red and green red rug that I know sounds Christmassy, but I assure you it works.  By the end of this week, I plan on re-hanging my “Barbarella” poster in the living room.  It used to be in my bedroom…but I believe that even though it’s a killer print, it was bad feng shui…so I removed it, but it would really jazz up my scheme for my half of the room.

So here’s my poster:


I think this is totally radical…!

Then I come home to this picture that magically appears on her half of the living room:


It’s Angela Lansbury post Murder She Wrote days….my friends tell me that this is her way of trying to mess with my vibe that I’m trying to set in the lviing room…but I don’t know if that’s the case.  All I know is that Angela’s eyes follow you…and it’s a bit scary walking through the living room with the lights off.  Hopefully this pic will “retire” from the living room soon…but I’m not sure if I should start holding my breath.  Don’t get me wrong…I loved Angela Lansbury in “Sweeny Todd” that I saw on PBS…but this autographed pic kind of scares me a bit.

And it persists…

The reason I have insomnia is my own fault.  I am aware of this, yet I still don’t really fully accept that most of the time.

For example-my accupuncturist, Deb, who is quite amazing and has helped me with my bouts of this issue and my horrific tendonitis, blames my computer as the root of this evil plague in my life.  I really love my computer.

“I wish I could jack your computer from you for one night Randi!”

I know she’s 100% right.  Yet, here it is late at night once again, and I’m not listening to her, but playing online.  I am being productive and using the excuse that I need to update this blog…but whether or not I’ll actually turn off my computer after this entry is up in the air right now.


I bought bodhi tree lights recently for my bedroom.  In hopes to better help ease me into sleep.


It’s said that Buddha was enlightened after sitting under a bodhi tree…the lights are made from actual tree leaves which have been specially treated,etc…and there’s even a disclaimer stating that no branches were cut when the lights were manufactured.  I’ve been more at ease since I’ve put these lights in room, and even though I’m still having problems sleeping I’d like to think that these have something to do with it…although it could also be from the various sleeping aids I take from night to night.