It’s worse than swine flu…

More of my friends are getting married and popping out kids.  Like it’s going out of style.  Two more girls I know got hitched last weekend!  WOW!

My family has never put any pressure on me to get married or have children, they just want me to be happy.  Of course those are things that I’d like to have, but in due time.  I don’t see the rush in getting married.  Like, what’s the hurry?  Of course if it involves tax breaks, health insurance reasons, and other circumstances…go for it.  I guess I’m not that old fashioned.  My sister was with her husband for about 8 years before they got married…

I remember the first friend of mine who got married.  It was right after high school.  She married one of her camp counselors.  They are still together and there was a rumor at our high school reunion that he was really gay.  They do not have a computer though because they are Amish, so I doubt they will see this blog.

THREE of my friends are currently pregnant.  One of them has morphed into a weird “zen” and judgemental baby obsessed woman.  She has already told me that if she has a daughter, she hopes she never ends up in a strip club.  Is that a jab towards me?  Did I turn out THAT bad?  I don’t think so…I attribute this statement to hormonal changes she’s going through.

My other friend is extremely cool and very matter of fact and excited about the baby.  I think she’ll be an awesome and fun mom.

The third friend hasn’t come out to anyone about her pregnancy, so I don’t know what the deal is with that one.

When you sign up for it…

One of my last single friends got married this weekend in Texas.  I was not invited to any of the festivities, which frankly, was fine with me for various reasons.  Of course I was a little bummed that I didn’t receive an invitation.  I felt a little slighted and even that she was maybe a little ashamed of having me be a part of it…on the OTHER hand…I didn’t have to fly to Texas and stay in an overpriced hotel and I guess that means I don’t need to buy the couple a wedding gift now do I?  She and I worked together very briefly at one of the first clubs I was employed at and as soon as she left the job…she left most of her memories and acquaintances behind with the club.  She kept me around until I started getting press…then slowly phased me out of her life.  I do wish her happiness and success in wherever life will take her.  Actually, I doubt she even reads this blog.  Whatevs.

When you’re working in an industry such as the one I’m in it can cause a variety of reactions.  initially when I started working in the biz, I just assumed I’d be out in a few short years.  I figured it would be something I’d be able to avoid telling my family, and certain friends.  Ehhh….that’s not the case now.

Obviously, I’ve been in the business a little longer than a few short years and a chunk…even though it’s probably a little small chunk of the United States, has maybe seen me on tv, and knows where I work.

I’ve been un-invited to certain things, not introduced to certain friends of friends because they haven’t “come out” to certain people in their lives.  I can certainly respect that, and I would never “out” anyone-but their fear of guilt by association can be tough to stomach sometimes.  I’m not the type of girl who blurts out, “Oh I used to be a stripper?”…I mention that I’m a writer and if it’s questioned on what it is I write about, I tell them the truth: Personal non-fiction.  If they continue to ask what exactly it is I write about, I just say, “Well, I’ve had a really interesting weird life.”  Usually that statement is enough to satisfy what they want to hear.  Most of the time I’m wearing conservative clothes and I’m even a little shy…so no one really would ever guess where I work.

I appreciate my friends tremendously who do support me and love me for who I am.  I especially appreciate my family who does as well…because I can be a little difficult, but in only the way one of your most annoying relatives can.

Frankly, I really shouldn’t be complaining though and it’s not that I really am at all…didn’t I sign up for this?  I was the one who chose to go public right?

I also really want to thank Ashley for being my friend even after I wore cornrows to her baby shower…and of course would like to thank my stylist and close personal friend Mala for braiding them and for taking away the Red Bull from me the other day.  Thank you for that.

Photos from softball! YAY!

It was the perfect day for a softball game in Hells Kitchen.  The girls from Rick’s Cabaret played the Howard TV guys…I can’t tell you who wins, but here are some pics:


Obviously I am not in the picture above because I am taking it…but here is a picture of me:


Yes that is a sugar free Red Bull in my bra…a representative from Red Bull happened to be watching the game and gave me a sample of their new energy shot.  I cursed and thanked him at the same time and told him of my obsession for his energy drink.  Sadly neither of us had business cards, but Red Bull man, if you come upon this blog please give me an endorsement deal…you can pay me in Red Bull. Please!


Once again, I am not in the picture above, but taking it of the Ricks team.


And of course everything is fine and dandy until someone gets hurt.  This poor man named Doug broke his wrist!  His wife is having a baby next week and he’s very concerned about helping out with the newborn with only one arm.  We went to the hospital and goofed off in the ER…here are some pics of me and my friend from Ricks:


Shortly after taking the picture below, we were told to please not “play with the wheelchair”…sorry hospital…! Don’t I look sad in the chair for getting yelled at!  Boo….!


So after we left, my friend from Ricks, and Benji from Howard TV decided to come to the gym with me.  Here we are doing cardio on the elliptical machine.  We actually did a legit 20 minute workout.  What an awesome day!


I am in the white tank top:


So overall it was a really good game and fun day, even though someone broke their wrist.  Feel better Doug!


Very excited!  Filming something for Howard TV on Friday with Rick’s Cabaret….yippy yay!  Pictures and stories and more to come.  I’ve updated the press and media section just in case you haven’t checked it out.  I have a photo shoot next week and should be posting some fun new pics soon…and this website will most likely be getting a spanking brand new look…aren’t you just so excited?!  Woo hoo…

I’ve had a really…I’ll use the word…inspiring past few months.

I think everyone faces disappointments in life.  It’s how we choose to handle them and how to react, that determines the outcome.  Only you can control your state of mind…sure we can let other people affect it, but life is too short to let bitches bring you down.  Whenever I have something that sets me back, I now try not to dwell on it.  It does no good.  Upward and onward.

Still battling insomnia and it’s a bitch!  My goal is to be sound asleep by 7:00am.  I cut myself off from caffeine at 4:30 today and I plan on tossing all of my beloved energy drinks that I’ve stockpiled in my fridge…that is unless that endorsement deal offer comes through over the next 24 hours.  My accupuncturist told me that she wants to hijack my computer because that’s probably one of the reasons I cannot go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I know she’s right.  I really do.

That’s all for now! Nighters….

I guess it’s not REALLY insomnia…

I fear that I have learned the hard way that I can no longer consume certain energy drinks that contain taurine and massive amounts of caffeine.

I am open to endorsement deals for energy drinks-and discussed that with two lovely men tonight at work that do marketing for such a product-however I fear that they were probably too intoxicated and will not remember the conversation by the am.

Why is it that I can pull off drinking…oh…let’s say five of these energy drinks…in Las Vegas without alcohol and be in a perfectly good mood…(other than an incident at the bar made of ice in Vegas where I experienced minor caffeine rage and was “cut off” by my friend from drinking any of it for two hours)…however in the comfort of my own city only three of the same energy drinks make me crazy and experience severe anxiety.

However despite this, I am still willing to endorse and promote your energy drink…that or frozen yogurt.

This website tells you how much caffeine can kill you…I think I’m safe for now and in no real danger of death by caffeine, but I could very well slap someone…

I will now proceed to take advantage of being up at this hour and clean my apartment.

Thank you.

A random blog because I cannot sleep…

The following are certain movies that I do not feel right about watching on TBS, AMC, or any other channel with commercial breaks:

“Gone With The Wind”

“Dances With Wolves”

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

“The Sound Of Music”

“Westside Story”

“Citizen Cane”

“Valley of the Dolls”


(okay so the last two are guilty pleasures of mine…)

Who determines what’s a plausible area in these films for a commercial break?  It’s just a buzz kill to me when these classics are cut and interrupted.  Just go out and get the DVD if you really want to see the film.

My dad said something extremely funny a few years ago, I can’t quote him 100% correctly on this…but it went along these lines:

“You know what would really ruin the movie “The Wizard of Oz”?”

“What?” I asked.

“If they added a laugh track.”

That got me thinking about what other films would be ruined with a laugh track.

Here’s a trivia question…what was the last television show to use a laugh track?  Anyone know? I do.

Awkwardness at The San Gennero Festival…

I happened to stroll through the San Gennero Fest today with a friend of mine by chance.  We split a fried oreo, were asked if we wanted to spend $5.00 to go on a virtual roller coaster which we politely turned down, and then as we turned a corner approached a sign similar to this:


Okay so it WASN’T in Coney Island (but people like to look at pictures on blogs…so you get the idea).

In an alley there were two tents set up, one read:

“Meet the Human Snake for 50 cents!”

the other,

“Meet and have a conversation with the Human Elephant Lady for a dollar!”

Growing up and attending a few state fairs, my parents steered me clear from these attractions despite wanting to see a bearded woman, or a reptile type person…even though it was only $1.00 back then, and according to the sign it was only a dollar to meet and chat with the Elephant Lady.  I was curious, and so was my friend…so we excitedly paid a total of $2.00 to enter the tent.  I didn’t know what to expect, but certainly not what I saw.

An extremely friendly woman dressed from head to toe in a sari with her head was covered.  She had on sweat pants with a leg rolled up and an arm sleeve rolled up and her face showing, exposing what was clearly a skin disease…no it was not Hollywood makeup or special effects…I wish that it were.  She had a tip jar set up with photos of her kids around it and explained her non-contagious skin disease to us, and I don’t really remember much of what she said, and of course I “tipped” her.  I felt guilty paying a dollar to see her, but she certainly seemed like a willing participant.  One of her kids was even hanging in the tent.

When we left the tent my friend and I felt really awful, I probably could’ve cried…and was in shock.  We didn’t think it would be a person with some kind of deformity…We both thought that it was going to be a person in an elephant costume…I mean, seriously, for paying a dollar-I expected to get ripped off and not to see someone suffering from a physical ailment.  Some tourists came up to the tent and my friend told them what happened and to not go in…and they had the same reaction when we told them what happened.

“Oh…I just figured that it was going to be a person in a costume or something!  I can’t believe it’s a real person with a skin problem!” Thankfully they took the advice!

Needless to say we did not go meet The Human Snake even though it was only fifty cents.

How does one price an “oddity” or an attraction?  Why does the Elephant Lady charge $1.00 when The Human Snake charges half of that.  Then it got me thinking…why do lap dances cost $20.00.  Who came up with that price?

The VMA’s AND…as if no one is talking about this…why shouldn’t I….?

Here is a clip, if it hasn’t been removed, of Kanye West ruining poor little Talyor Swift’s moment:

Here is Beyonce graciously giving Taylor back her moment:

I don’t know if the “moment” was contrived by Beyonce’s “people”, but I do think the gesture was unbelievably sweet on B’s part.

It’s really too bad. Kayne West is extremely talented in his musical style, but truly the most arrogant performer I have ever encountered (I’ve only seen his behavior on tv…I’ve never met him in person).  Who knows, it could be a stunt from his publicist, but if it is, it’s certainly not a good one.  Sure he apologized on his blog to Swift…but come on.  It’s a well known fact that the labels/agents repping the artist’s at the VMA’s are completely aware of who’s winning what beforehand.

Like I said, I’m sure a lot of people are talking about this…but I’m having writers block at the moment and cannot think of anything else to write about.

I did not attend the VMA’s this year, like I have in the past…but I did attend the Calvin Klein afterparty which was held at “Fall Out Boys”-Pete Wenz’s bar- Angels and Kings, in the east village.  Although my photo was snapped holding a CK Free sign(I love CK FREE!  I must add…a must have for all you men out there!)-alas I did not make it on the wireimage site….oh well.

The party was fab and I was very pleased to see that Red Bull was a sponsor, as I am currently addicted to the sugar free kind.  As I was leaving the party with my friends there was a power outage at the bar and everyone started singing George Michael’s Faith.  I’m assuming that the power eventually came back on, but I was most likely sleeping when that finally happened, safe in my own bed.

Check back tomorrow, and maybe I’ll put some more fun stuff up!


Happy Saturday!

Hello All,

   Thanks for reading.  I’ll be posting a new entry at the beginning of next week.  I’m attempting to add some footage from the Vegas in expo.  This year I have video clips that are quite exciting.  I’m sorry this entry is somewhat lackluster, however at least it’s something new to read. I hope everyone is enjoying this spectacular fall weekend.

   One thing I can say that you may find interesting is that I ate a “chocolate honey cake” at a baby shower I went to today.  Boy oh boy these things are delish and you can find them here:

  No they are not paying me to endorse them.  I would like an endorsement deal from Red Mango though.  If anyone can arrange that, I’d be eternally grateful and get you a lifetime pass to Rick’s.



Wouldn’t you know it…

About a year ago I ran into my old boss from Morgan Stanley at Ricks.  He was extremely nice when he came in the club, but I did not give him a dance or offer…that would’ve been weird.

Since I appeared on the cover of The Sunday New York Post and on The O’Reilly Factor, I’ve often wondered if he, or any of my old co-workers were aware of it.

I didn’t know how to approach him, I wasn’t sure if I should email or call and let him know.  I did worry that since I didn’t hear from him afterwards that maybe I had offended him…then again, did I expect a “courtesy call” from my old boss at all saying that he saw my press and either loved it or hated it?  I told myself that not knowing his reaction was probably for the best.

I always try to convey that I had a very positive working experience at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in the press that I do, although I am aware that sometimes things in print in particular can be misconstrued.  I was nervous that I could’ve possibly offended some by misprints, typos, etc…Truthfully, I’m really grateful for the learning and life experience that MSDW gave me.  Being a part of the 9-5 world wasn’t the career path of my choice, but I really did appreciate the opportunity  I had working for them.  I believe the skills I acquired there, have only helped to benefit me in my current occupation and employment at Rick’s Cabaret.

So tonight when I’m at work and I glance over at the bar and see my old boss…I took a deep breath and walked up to him.

I suppose he has been living under a rock, or does not read certain newspapers or watch Bill O’Reilly, because he was pleasantly surprised when I told him what I had been up to.  I was able to show him the Post cover that’s displayed in the hall at Rick’s.  We spent some time catching up and he bought me a drink and conversed with some of my lovely co-workers…I even gave him my business card and told him to bring the rest of his department in.

The visit with him couldn’t have gone better, the only thing that was dissapointing was that he seemed to vanish from the bar and I did not get to say goodbye to him.  Seeing that his reaction to the press was positive truly made my night.