Insomnia Strikes Once Again…

I should call this blog insomnia strikes maybe “twice” again…or better yet…”three or four times” again…My doctor refuses to give me lunesta or ambien, but I’m seriously thinking about getting on the Internet.  I suppose I could try and buy it off of a friend or something.

I took a xanax last night so I could sleep. It was glorious.  I didn’t even get sleepy, I think it hit me fairly quickly before I really appreciated it and I zonked right out.  Attempting to wake up in the morning was not pleasant.  Xanax is considered a “dirty” drug because coming off of it one is a little foggy and cranky.  I’ve heard that ambien and lunesta have the same after effects.

The first time I took a xany to sleep which was last week I woke up in a different position than I usually sleep in and my arm hurt as if I thrashed around throughout the night.  I woke up this morning with the remote control glued to my face and had an indention of it in my forehead.  This makes me worry that ambien or lunesta would make me sleepwalk or shop in my sleep.

Tonight…actually momentarily after I post this blog, I will shut off my computer, take my Chinese sleeping herbs that haven’t been working as well lately…and attempt to “bore” myself to sleep.

Speaking of BORING someone to sleep….I apologize if my blog has paled in excitement lately.  My life has been filled with a lot of monotony lately.  I’m waiting to hear back on various projects and with the warm weather and summer months, people tend to take their time on making decisions.  Do I mind that my life has been pretty monotonous as of late?  No.  It’s been relaxing, but I’m definitely ready for things to get a little crazy again.

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Ahhh….the smell of the recession….|main|dl5|link5|

Nothing says recession like cologne! Yeah kids….GM is coming out with a fragrance.  This should go well with the scents by Britney Spears and J-Lo.

Why a fragrance? Why not further collaborate with Matchbox or come out with a super cool new pimped out car for Barbie?  Maybe the CEO’s wife or teen daughter thinks that a cologne would be a good idea. Who knows.

PLEASE…please, pretty please go here to vote for Rick’s Cabaret to be the best club of the year!

It’s less than a month away and I’ll be presenting an award at the ceremony in Las Vegas.  I’m not sure for what, but I am very excited nonetheless to be a part of it.

The guy at the gym…

I’ve had a crush on a guy at my gym for awhile.

I don’t usually chat with people at the gym,  or really anywhere these days.  I’m shy (believe it or not).  I’m the type of person who wears headphones to avoid strangers. The older I get the more and more I “hide” in my cell phone at parties and upon meeting new people. I play on Facebook and text.  Maybe it’s a weird defene mechanism.  I get nervous and avoid conversation, I especially dodge talking about myself-(other than this self-indulgent blog I suppose.)

I first noticed the guy at the gym approximately 2 months ago.  I was on the elliptical machine.  He got on the machine next to me.  We did not speak.  I considered saying something and removing my headphones…but what would I say?  After imagining what it would be like to actually talk to him, my time working out flew by.  I got off my machine.  I turned around. He got off his machine too.  It was wishful thinking that maybe he was imagining a conversation with me in his head and that maybe that he was shy too!

The next few weeks at the gym we’d barely make eye contact, but I felt that perhaps he was working up the courage to talk to me. I had no idea what to say to him, if anything…so I kept my mouth shut.  Then one day a friend of mine walked up to him and high fived him….YES!  Maybe I had an “in” with my gym crush-maybe our surprise mutual friend could fix us up!  When he wasn’t around, I asked my friend what he knew the mystery man.  He assured me that he was single and straight and that he would see what he could do!

The next time I came to the gym, my crush barely looked at me, but he now started using workout equipment ACROSS the room from me and around the corner.  Yes, I fear that my secret gym crush does not like me back.  I did notice that he’s been talking to one of the aerobic instructors.  They do cardio together a few times a week.  He doesn’t use the elliptical anymore, he’s moved on to running on a treadmill.

At first I felt a little rejected and embarassed that my gym crush didn’t like me.  Then I realized that I’ve never said a single word to him.  I don’t really care that he doesn’t like me.  I’m not even embarrased so much because it’s not like I got wasted at a bar and professed anything to him.  I also observed that he and the aerobic intstructor are now ignoring one another…so perhaps he’s a “player” at the gym and maybe it’s best that it didn’t work out.

Sleeping pills…

I went to go see my doctor today.  I haven’t seen her in quite some time, considering I went to a few other MD’s when I lived in Los Angeles.

She was cool and all, but didn’t give me a prescription for any sleeping meds….what gives?  Sure, she hooked me up with some other stuff…but why not Ambien or Lunesta? I know those things are addictive, but surely it’s better to be addicted to sleeping meds than…NyQuil or heroin.  You know?  She also told me to come back for a “check up” in October.  I’m not dissing my Dr.  she’s cool.  I just don’t understand why I didn’t get sleeping pills. The only thing missing from my appointment was a lollipop and a booster shot.

A new totally awesome Doctor friend just wrote me a prescription for Latisse!!!  Woo hoo! Watch out Brooke Shields!  I’m gonna grow me my own eyelashes!

Jump the Shark…

Yes it’s been around for awhile, but if you haven’t, check out this website:

(cut and paste if the link does not work properly…thank you :))

At a very young age I was aware of television shows “jumping the shark” before the term was actually coined years after the Happy Days episode spurned the idea for the website above.

I remember when “Family Ties” went to France and some bad guys thought they were spies.  Why anyone would think that the Keaton family would be spies was bizarre to me, I lost respect for the show after this special multi-episode stint in France.  I also felt that way after the crew from “The Facts of Life” went to a boarding school in France and Mrs. Garrett went to a culinary institute and had a fling with a chef there.  None of it really made sense.  Also, in the episodes after the Keaton’s got back from their vacation, the fact that they were accused of being spies didn’t seem to phase them.  It was never mentioned again.  If I went to another country and was accused of being a spy and detained…I’d be scarred for at least a month!

Last night during a bout of insomnia, I was watching “Married With Children”.  They too had a series of episodes that took place in France.

Was there some trend in the late 80’s early 90’s where the production crew figured that writing/shooting a few episodes in another country would be an excuse for a tax deductible vacation?  Maybe so.   Why France?

The other night while working I made a reference to 90210 (the original series) to a waitress…she looked at me completely confused…then I realized how I had dated myself.  She was 6 years old when 90210 came out.  Wow…I’m getting old.

Insomnia update and softball…

I haven’t been blogging lately…as you’ve probably noticed.  Then I looked at my reader stats and realized that if you don’t blog frequently…well, people stop reading.

I’ve had sleeping problems for YEARS…thanks to my amazing acupuncturist, Deb, she gave me some magical Chinese herbs that have helped me re-enter the landof slumber!  I don’t know exactly what they are, but they work!  Accupuncture and Chinese herbs ROCK!  My sleeping patterns are slowly but surely normalizing once again!

I’ll be attempting to play softball on Sunday with Rick’s Cabaret and the good and lovely people from FOX News.  Tune into FOX News to catch highlights from the game.  It should be…interesting.  I’m not good at softball.  At all.

A friend of mine recently purchased a Luis Vuitton tote bag.  She was bragging about how it can hold 400lbs and not break.  Is that a selling point?  Being able to tote around 400lbs in a tote bag?  I can’t really think of a time where I’ll need to lug around something that heavy.  I kind of want to see if she’ll let me sit in to see if it rips or something.  I don’t weigh even close to 400lbs…but I’m curious!

Insomnia…week two.


I’ve been dealing with insomnia for about two weeks now.  A lot of it has to do with the fact that I haven’t had alcohol for over a month now.  I also gave up coffee.  My body is freaking out because I gave up it’s two essential “survival” vices.  “Is it hard to give up both caffeine and alcohol at the same time?” people have asked.

Yes people, it’s hard..and expensive.  I’ve switched my “vices” to soy hot chocolates and massive amounts of herbal tea and more cardio at the gym.

Every night/morning, I go to bed later and later…(or now that it’s 6:30 am) earlier and earlier.

I think I may cave and go to the Dr. this week and get a sleeping aid.  I’ve been taking Bach Flower remedies’ “Rescue Sleep”.  On the bottle it says to only take two sprays. I’m up to five.

Moments in my sleeplessness, such as now, I miss being able to throw back a few shots of vodka and passing out…but I don’t miss the nasty hangover.

Wish me luck…Im going to try and get some sleep!

“So what do you do?…”

Upon meeting new people, it’s always interesting how I decide to handle this question.  Men ask me this more than women do.  My answer depends on many different factors.  How much alcohol the other person has had, and what kind of mood I’m in.  I usually say “I’m a writer…” then that of course spawns the question: “What do you write about?”

“Personal non-fiction.” I say.

“Like stuff about you?”


“Oh. Like what?” they usually look confused.

“Oh I’ve had some interesting life experiences, nothing too crazy really.” Usually by this point, I take it upon myself to start asking the other person about themselves.  Then they forget about asking me about me.  Last night I was hanging out with a group of guy friends.  They were with girlfriends of theirs and one asked me “So…what do you do?”

“Randi works for a guy named Rick!” said my guy friend laughing.

“Who’s that?”asked his girlfriend.

“She’s a graphic designer.” he said laughing.

“Randi works for a company called Ricks’, it’s publically traded on NASDAQ.” said another guy friend laughing.

“What is it?” asked another female.

“Well…” I chimed in, “It’s kind of like a dinner theatre with some stages and a streakhouse, it’s really cool and located in Midtown.”

“So wait, they do graphic design there too?” said the other girl genuinely interested.

The topic was changed to something else…but I got a kick out of the conversation.

Happy 4th!

One of my first 4th of July’s I spent in NYC, I was thrilled and honored to be a part of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest.

NO…not as a competitor, but as a cheerleader.  The man I cheered on, made me and the other girl wear khaki shorts and a gaudy American Flag inspired sequin vest.  I am sure there are pics of me in this outfit somewhere on the internet.  I just haven’t had time to find them and pull them up.

I’ve always wondered how people involved in competitive eating are often small and Asian.

There are many things I also wonder about competitive eating.  How does one train for such an event?  How do you not gain weight?  Maybe these are questions  I can answer myself by simply using google, but I’m too lazy right now.

Please have a happy and safe fourth.