Wow…thanks to the even MORE new readers.

Just home from yet again another day of press and a shift at work.  Apparently I received some phone calls at the club asking for “reservations” with the New York Post Stripper….wow!  I feel like a trendy restaurant!  Thanks!

Tonight I was in “disguise” at work and heard one man say, “Where’s that stripper from The Post?!”.  I kept quiet and didn’t say anything.

I’ve gotten a lot of requests on Facebook and I really haven’t had that chance to get back to anyone yet, but hold tight.

Thanks for everyone who caught me on FOX earlier today…good times.  Thanks to FOX for having me.  Love to come back again.

More in the next 12 hours.

Again, questions….comments…whatever…bring it.

Lot’s of people seem to have their own ideas about what’s going on here.  Ask.  I’ll tell.  I have nothing to hide.  ALSO…someone wrote something about me having fake boobs.  CLEARLY they did not read part of my blog.  They’re real…and spectacular!

And again…WOW…

Just got home from a lovely day filled with interviews.  I’m extremely tired, but in a great mood!

Thanks for the comments and hello to all of you new readers.  Someone even asked me out on a date on Facebook!! (sorry I have a boyfriend…)

Watch just about every morning show tomorrow, and a few later this week.  Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, and more calls are coming in!

Tonight as I walked in my apartment, my doorman was reading The Post…weird.  I don’t think he put two and two together.  I can’t wait to sit back with some vodka now and kick it with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Tough Love…I’m sad because I don’t think Rock of Love Bus was on tonight…oh well…YAY!

NY Post…


I knew the about the article.  I just didn’t know I was going to be on the COVER.  WOW.

A few things are misplaced due to editing.  If you have questions send them and I’ll clear everything up.


It’s funny, I told my friends I made the cover.  Their first reaction was:

“Did you kill someone?  How did you make the cover of the New York Post?”

The Sunday NY Post…

Try and pick up a copy tomorrow.  Outside of NY it’s considered an “import” and probably like a million dollars at Barnes and Noble.  If all goes as planned and as long as a natural disaster doesn’t happen in the next 12-14 hours, I should be featured in it somewhere.  I just hope nothing crazy happens when the lights are off for an hour.  I’m just turning off my tv during that time.  YAY!

Things I like to do because my roommate is out of town…

My roomy has been away for almost a month.  Yee haw!

Sure she’s nice and all, but it’s even nicer when she’s not here because I can do whatever I want.  We get along fine, but I keep to myself for the most part.  She knows nothing about her personal life-although there’s a bag of old stripper clothes in my living room that I’m curious as to if she’s stumbled upon them.

I’ve been walking around in my underwear a lot and leaving clothing all over the floor.  Then I realized in walking around in just a pair of panties that the office buildings surrounding me were probably getting quite a show, so now I’ve stopped doing it. Too bad it took me almost 3 weeks to discover that….

I attempted to have a party, only to realize that no one was available to come.  In planning the party I realized that I have like…7 friends.  Then I was glad the party didn’t work out because I wouldn’t even know how to go about throwing one other than buying a bunch of alcohol and mixers.

Now I look at my apartment with dread.  I only have a few days to completely and totally re-organize before she’s back.  Then I will once revert to staying in my room watching bad reality television and reading all hours of my days and nights.

Speaking of…this is a truly train wreck of a fight that was on “The Real World Brooklyn”…it starts at the very beginning when JD gets mad that the people on in the house won’t have a “family” pow wow…so he decides to break a glass coffee table with a bowl of fruit…AWESOME!  That’s the best part of the clip…and probably the show this whole season.

Sprint PCS is like a bad boyfriend…

I have had a love hate relationship with Sprint for several years now.  We have communication issues and they always manage to lure me back in with empty promises, and upgrades that I usually end up regretting.

In a drunken stupor a few nights ago I managed to kick my phone off the bed while asleep.  Now it won’t charge.  I went to buy a universal charger tip, it worked for about 30 minutes, went to Radio Shack today, and I almost bought another tip.  Then the Sprint salesguy told me that I was possibly due for an upgrade which meant I could get a $400 phone for $150.  I would just have to sign a two year contract and the phone could be mine.

In the excitement of getting a brand new cell phone, I put the last arguments that Sprint and I had over the past 8 monthsto rest.  Last month they cancelled my Los Angeles line without telling me and charged me $350? w t f ?!  I didn’t give them permission.  Of course I got a refund and a sincere apology.  I have threatened to leave sprint pcs over the years, but at the end of the day I do not think they would care….Sprint has no loyalty to me.  I feel as if I’m in a bad marriage that will never end, but hey…at least I have a super cool new phone.  Thanks Sprint!


I’m beginning to think the only way to keep those around me, is to pretend that I am an entirely different person completely.

Is it possible to ever be accepted for being true to yourself?

Booze Booze Booze! (boobs boobs boobs!)

Over the past 6 months, I decided to make a STRONG effort to cut down on my drinking.

It’s working. (no this is not sarcasm)

My love/hate affair with alcohol only began 8 years ago.  I worked as a manager for a liquor company and I was “required” to drink at events, buy drinks, make drinks, drink more.  I was never a drinker in high school or college. Like I didn’t try a drop of alcohol until I was 21, and I don’t even think I enjoyed it.  As time passed I started realizing how accessible alcohol was to me.  I remember one night during a rough time with someone I had been dating I consumed my first bottle of $3.00 White Zinfandel in it’s entirety-I remember watching VH1 and being completely enthralled with the currently popular “Hot in Herrrrr” by Nelly, drunk, thinking it was the best video in the world.

(this is the part of the blog for the complainers on the xm message board BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS!!!!!)

Then came along the “open bar” parties which I felt obligated to drink for tire duration of.  I mean I thought I was supposed to right?  Then came un-employment, then came the consolation, “Let’s go out for drinks, I’m buying…”

I don’t have a problem with alcohol.  I don’t freak out if I can’t get my hands on a drink.  I don’t “need” it, but certainly don’t mind knocking back a few cocktails.


I remember the night that changed everything with my booze.  After two bottles of wine, I got into a huge argument with someone (who admitted he was in the wrong as well…eventually) It damaged the friendship for half a year and made me re-evaluate a lot of the choices I was making.  I woke up angry at myself for allowing things to get out of hand.  Unfortunately the mistakes I learned came the hard way, but I’m a better person for it.  The friendship proved to be unstable, unrelated to the alcohol, but still…a lesson learned.

In cutting back on drinking, I’ve noticed how it’s affected certain relationships that I have with others.  I have one friend who’s mad that I’ve cut back.  This person is upset that I’m no longer out until 5:00am wasted and eating fried foods at a diner with them.  In cutting back on drinking, I realize that this person and I had a friendship totally based on alcohol.  We have nothing to talk about anymore.

Then there are the relationships that really surprise you and grow deeper.  A friend of mine no longer drinks, but we used to be big binge drinkers together. I’m perfectly happy and content watching tv with this person and just chilling out.  It was a nice pleasant surprise.  Love you A!

It’s nice waking up not so hungover anymore….once in awhile…okay! Not as much as I used to though.


Are you anyone’s favorite person?

I love this video.  I find this girl quite endearing.

In fact I like her video a lot more than the Miranda July short that it’s based on.

I watch this from time to time, and I must admit that it makes me tear up.  I think we all strive to be someone’s favorite person in many different ways.  When we have a favorite person, and we’re not their favorite person in return, frankly…it sucks.  When I go to bed at night I wonder if anyone is thinking about me.  My mother tells me that she constantly worries about me, and my sisters…but I know for a fact that I cause her more annoyance than joy so I’m probably not her favorite person.

I have a few favorite people in general.  If your name isn’t here…don’t be offended..these are people I communicate with on a regular basis:

Jonathan, Mala, Gelles, C, Jen, Deangelo.

I worry about you guys and think and care about you more than you’ll ever know.

You Look Wonderful Tonight…

I went to karaoke last night, and this incident vividly flashed through my mind.  The reason will be obvious by the end of this blog.

In college, a LONG time ago mind you, I had a brief fling with a Canadian after a bad breakup.  I met him at a piano bar and I remember doing blow job shots with him and drinking White Russians with (this was before I realized how calorically damaging dairy based alcoholic bevs were).  He was in town for three days.  He told me he worked for the Canadian Secret Service and did spy work for them.  I felt like I was with the Canadian James Bond.

Over those three romantic days he told me that he was a songwriter and that he’d like to play something for me that I had inspired him to write about.  I was honored, and politely listened to him pull out his guitar and play a very sweet and simple song.  I wasn’t overtly impressed, but touched that our 3 day romance had made him want to write something about me.

He went back to Canada and attempted to have a phone sex relationship with me that I really wasn’t into and being a college student, I couldn’t afford calling him.  We lost touch and that was fine.  I knew he was busy with secret missions and respected that as well.

Months later, I’m out to dinner with friends and I hear the song that the Canadian wrote for me in the restaurant!

“Oh my gosh you guys!  I dated the guy who wrote this song.”

My friends looked at me and said:

“You dated Eric Clapton?  This Is “You Look Wonderful Tonight”.”  I then realized that I had been “had”.  I googled his name and came to find that he was a bouncer at a popular Canadian nightclub in addition to being a pathological liar.